We just returned from a trip to Utah.  We spent just over a week there.  I already posted a few photos from some of the activities: pool party, Cragun family photoshoot, etc.  I also did some work, interviewing people for an upcoming book chapter.  I went hiking (will post about it soon) and then spent some time relaxing.

It’s been fun to see how my younger nieces and nephews think about Toren.  Debi’s sister’s son, Ethan, kept wanting to touch him.  He was really good with him – “petting” him softly on the head (that was his word for it).

My sister’s son, Ethan (yep, that’s 2 Ethans), drew a picture for him, complete with stickers.  When he was done he said, “Baby Toren.”  It’s pretty cool to think that 2 year-olds can think of Toren as a baby and even think about giving him a drawing.  Here’s Ethan’s masterpiece:

drawing by Ethan-small

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  1. I’m glad all of you like Ethan’s artwork, he takes such pride in those masterpieces and he did indeed dedicate that one to Toren. He’s also been asking for him every time we get in a car to go anywhere, he was awfully confused about where he went.

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