There are more photos and videos coming, but I figured I’d update everyone (and simply make note) of his development.  Over the last couple of weeks Toren has started to play with toys when we put him on his play mat (no more shrieks of terror).  It’s pretty much limited to grabbing rings hanging from the play mat, but it’s a start and he is easily fascinated by the rings – playing with them for a good 30 to 45 minutes some times.

We’ve been working on getting Toren to roll over, which is his next big developmental milestone.  I never thought I’d be trying to teach my baby how to roll over, but that’s my entertainment these days (almost no more computer games).  I do have a question for the parents out there (help me out, people): Will he just roll over on his own at some point or do we need to keep putting him on his side and hoping he’ll figure it out?  He is at the point now that I can put him on his side and he’ll easily roll to his back.  He also can be mostly on his stomach and roll back to his back, but I’m not really considering this a true roll over as he isn’t completely on his stomach.  So, do we keep letting him have tummy time and he’ll just do this at some point or do we try to teach him?  (Yeah, ask me a sociology question, but this whole raising a baby thing has me baffled).  Oh, and the best rolls so far were yesterday.

This morning, while Debi was getting ready for her orientation (she’s starting her PhD program at USF) I was playing with Toren on our bed.  I think he giggled.  I can’t be certain, but it seemed like a giggle to me.  If it gets a bit more pronounced and occurs more frequently, I’ll be sure to capture it on film and post it.

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  1. I think if you’re doing tummy time then just wait for it to happen. He wants to turn over, as soon as he wants to move around he’ll start trying. Every baby does it in their own time and he’ll decide when he’s ready to motor. Then get ready because they can roll all over the place and fast! I’m sure it helps to roll him over and give him the idea but as soon as he’s ready to explore he’ll be all over that. Good luck, I think it’s great that you’re both so invested in his development – I’m obsessed with it so I love it when other parents like it too.

  2. Here’s my 2 cents: The tummy time is good for several reasons, but he’ll most definitely do the rolling over thing on his own whether you teach/help him or not. In fact, with Lincoln I remember hoping that he’d hold off longer since that leads quickly to more mobility (and I also had a nearly 2 year old at the time)…buy he figured it out & not terribly long after that proceeded to roll, and then roll, and then roll across the room. And considering his size it ended up being a somewhat effective way for him to get around 🙂

  3. Again, good to know. Apparently the books on fathering fail to cover the fact that kids just learn that on their own (or I didn’t read them close enough).

    She’s working on a PhD in Public Health. She’ll probably focus on genetics education.

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