Okay, it’s not really “official” as there are no hard and fast criteria for what a “good” baby is, but he does seem like a “good” baby to us.  He rarely cries, and even when he does, it’s usually just small whimpers to tell us: (1) he’s tired, (2) he’s hungry, or (3) he needs to poop or fart.  He doesn’t care about dirty or wet diapers and never complains about that.  Oh, and he’s really, really smiley!  I caught this one the other day while Debi was holding him:

smiling with mom 8-21-2009 2-35-37 PM

Of course, the whole notion of what a “good” baby is has to be contrasted with a “bad” baby.  Who actually calls his/her child a “bad” baby?  I mean, what would your kid have to do for you to consider them a “bad” child?  If no parent considers his/her child a “bad” child, then how can I consider my child a “good” child?  If that’s the case, then maybe Toren is a little terror compared to other kids and warrants the label “bad” child.  So, without a real comparison group of “bad” children to which I can compare Toren’s behavior, I guess all I can say is “Toren is a baby,” but that’s pretty lame.  (Sometimes being pedantic is kind of boorish…)

On a different note, we took Toren on a shopping trip to the mall (some of my colleagues gave us a very generous gift card to Macy’s for Toren).  On the way out I was carrying him in the football hold and got a lot of looks.  One woman, just as we were exiting the mall, said, “Wow!  He is cute.  Where can I get me one?”  I smiled and she continued, “No, really, he is adorable.”  I agree!

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7 Replies to “it’s official – Toren is a “good” baby”

  1. From the little I’ve been with him I would definitely say that he’s a fabulous baby! And good grief, he’s good looking to boot!

  2. I guess I need more exposure to the “not good” babies.

    I mentioned this post to my mother-in-law who also said Toren was a great baby. I then asked what the opposite of a “good” baby is. She said, “A not-good” baby. Apparently there are no “bad” babies, just “not-good” babies.

  3. The “where can I get one?” comment makes me laugh. A few months ago, I went grocery shopping with Matthew and an employee said, “Oh, he’s so cute! Can you have one that looks just like him for me?” Which left me in stunned silence. I mean, I realize not EVERYONE has a degree in genetics. But it seems that most people are able to surmise that Matthew’s cuteness was not inherited from me!

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