We put Toren in this swing we received from some friends at around 1 month and he wasn’t a fan.  We waited a few weeks then tried it again.  Now, oh, I worship this thing!

Toren in the anesthesia swing
Toren in the anesthesia swing

I’m beginning to wonder if the cloth liner isn’t laced with narcotics or something – he’ll sleep for four or five hours straight in this thing without stirring at all.  Debi hasn’t let me put him in it at night; she says he’ll become dependent on it.  My response: Who cares?  We’ll just buy/make him a bigger swing when he gets older.  If it will guarantee us four or five hours of Toren sleeping, it would be worth it.  Of course, picturing my 10 year-old child sleeping in a swing is a bit odd…

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  1. I think we all like swings (aka hammocks) when we get one that’s well built. A cool fall day, fresh air, and a good book. I’d spend four or five hours there myself if I could.

    What kind of a nap schedule does Toren have? Once we figured out the nap schedule Eugene would sleep throughout the night, 10 plus hours, and he’s still there.

  2. We haven’t figured it out quite yet. He definitely knows that night time is for sleeping – he doesn’t stay awake very long for feeds at night. But he still wakes up about every 3 to 5 hours at night. During the day he naps about 3 or 4 times, but they are getting shorter. So, we’re trying to figure out his naps, but we haven’t figured them out perfectly yet.

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