To my Tampa readers (or anyone not in Tampa who knows someone other than us in Tampa): I’m beginning a research project that includes surveying two samples of Hillsborough County residents.  We’re using two surveying methodologies, one of which is an online survey.  But unlike many online surveys, we are taking a different approach: We are going to use quota sampling for our online survey to improve the representativeness.

So, long story short, I’d be very grateful if you signed up to be a potential participant in our study.  You can do so here: Plus, if you are invited to participate in the actual survey, you’ll be paid $5.00 for your time!

Signing up to participate doesn’t guarantee that you will be sent an invitation to participate.  Your odds of being invited to participate depend on the total number of people we have sign up and some other factors (too complicated to describe here).

So, I’d appreciate it if you’d sign up.  And, if it isn’t too much trouble, I would appreciate it even more if you could email all the people you know who live in Hillsborough County and ask them if they’ll sign up.  Signing up takes about 5 minutes and they could eventually earn $5.00 for their time.

Sorry for the advertisement!

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