You may be thinking, “What is Ryan doing posting about WWI? What does he know about WWI?” And if that was what you were thinking, you’d be right – I don’t know anything about WWI. But I was a witness to “Woolley War I”. It was brutal:

I think Toren lost this battle. But the war is not over… One day, Woolley, one day, Toren will rise (or stand, or crawl, or walk), and then, Woolley, you will face the true wrath of Toren Cragun!!! Just you wait!!!

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4 Replies to “WWI”

  1. The commentary is entertaining: D – “He seems unhappy.” R – “Well of course, he’s being strangled by Woolley.”

    I do find it curious though:
    Only gender neutral clothes, no cars or ‘boy’ toys, but you’re encouraging physically aggressive behavior? I hope you’re also working on his socially aggressive behavior to balance out the equation.

  2. Well, we don’t generally encourage physical aggression. I just thought the fight with Woolley was pretty funny. And since he doesn’t really know what I’m saying at the moment, I figured it would be okay. But your point is well-taken. I’ll certainly be more careful about it in the future!

  3. Woolley is a bulley!!! I can’t believe that you allowed him to win the war!! Teach Toren to defend himself— he is going to have to do it at some point- why not now!!!!!!

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