Toren has mostly slept through the night the last three nights!  He goes down at 8:00 and wakes up around 5:30 or 6:00.  After she feeds him, Debi will then typically bring him back to our bad for a short nap after that.  This morning she brought him into our bed so quietly that I didn’t even wake up… Until… Toren roared!

I’m guessing he was probably just clearing his throat (he’s had a constant cold since starting daycare), but it sounded like a roar and it woke me up to find him in our bed.   Since it was about the time I wake up anyway (around 6:30), I started playing with him.  In the course of our playing together, I said to him while he was laying next to Debi, “Are you in my bed?”  His response, he turned so his feet were facing me and proceeded to kick me in the face!

Yeah, whose bed is it now?!?

On the milestones front, he still isn’t crawling crawling, but he is now doing an army crawl that allows him to move forward fairly well.

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3 Replies to “You’re in My Bed”

  1. Ohhh the good old days when you could call your own bed- “YOURS”!!! One day will come when it will be alllll yours again and it will feel very “empty”!!! I wish that all of my kids were in my bed again– not while you are grown=– but little again. I loved it.

  2. Ethan calls our bed his bed all the time. I think it’s hilarious but since Mario is the one that usually gets kicked out (literally, kicked in the face out of the bed) he’s not such a big fan. Good luck with that! I hope you have a king size bed so there’s room for everyone.

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