Nine months without any serious illnesses came to a close Monday. Taking Toren into daycare on Monday, Debi noticed he was feeling hot. She mentioned it to the workers at Toren’s daycare and they said they would monitor it. Monitor it they did… When he woke up from his nap he had a temperature of 101. They called Debi and she picked him up, then took him home and set up an appointment with our pediatrician for later that day.

While there was nothing obviously wrong with him, our pediatrician’s best guess was a bacterial sinus infection. She prescribed antibiotics and Tylenol. We followed our pediatrician’s directions, but Toren remained feverish throughout the night. Toren was clearly not feeling well; he wasn’t as happy and chipper as he usually is, he didn’t want to be put down at all, and was sluggish, hardly moving at all when you put him down. However, it wasn’t THAT serious as he was still eating and drinking and there were no other symptoms of a serious problem.

I stayed home yesterday with Toren and he was still feverish all day and was still not feeling well (sluggish, unhappy, clingy, etc.). By the time he was ready for bed yesterday we were a little worried – his temperature was still up (101.4) and didn’t seem to be dropping. However, from what we had read online, fevers can last several days, so we were waiting it out.

Then, Toren woke up this morning and he was back to his old self – ready to play and happy. Phew!

This does get easier as they get older, right?!?

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6 Replies to “FEVER!!!”

  1. I don’t think I would say it gets easier – but Ethan is the king of fevers so we’ve been through it a ton of times. It doesn’t get easier to see them feeling sick or to know that you can’t do a whole lot to help them. However once you’ve been through it a bunch of times you just know what to look for and what to do. It’s still miserable though – sorry. I have heard you don’t worry as much the more children you have, I’m not willing to put that to practice yet though. 😉 Good luck, hopefully he’s on the mend for good!

  2. Yes, it does get easier. Then it gets harder. Followed by easier once again. Next, harder, easier, harder, and easier. Every time I think I’ve figured out something important that will keep things easier, the rules change and it gets harder again. Back and forth it goes and goes.

    I’m glad that Toren is well again! Yay!

  3. Right, so I shouldn’t hope for things to just get easier. Check.

    (shakes head as he realizes he isn’t sure he knew what he was getting himself into…)

  4. Nobody realizes what they’re getting into, so that’s okay. The good news is that Toren’s got a big headstart on most kids, with two excellent resourceful and knowledgeable parents. It’ll go as fine as these things can go 🙂

  5. One part gets easier— they can tell you where they hurt, you can comfort them by talking to them and they understand you. The rest is still hard when they get sick. If sickness and discipline were not part of the process— it would be a piece of cake to have and raise children. However, one good thing comes of alllll of it. You realize how much you are capable of loving someone- I don’t think it happens in any other way for most people. Love you forever (and now you know how much!!!) 🙂

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