… but I hope Toren considers other professions:

For all those out there wondering why we are allowed to have a child if we let him do stuff like this, let me ease your mind a bit.  I was holding Toren in the bathroom one day while he wiggled and squirmed to find something with which he could play.  He happened upon the plunger.  He was in his diaper at the time and a thought struck me, “Showing an adult’s crack on a family blog would be in poor taste, but a baby’s?  And what if we put it into the context of him being a plumber?”  Et voila I give you, “Baby Plumber’s Crack.”  Also, I’ve cropped Debi out of this photo as she was literally kneeling right next to him to make sure he was fine will I snapped photos.  And, Toren had a ball!  He was unhappy when we took the plunger away after the staged photo.  So, don’t call child services… yet.  😉

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  1. I totally believe in children having chores early in life– good for you and Toren. Loved it.. perhaps he will find his vocation early in life with a little help from you and Deb…looks like that might be a possibility…:-)

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