Yep, Debi and I did it!  We kept Toren alive for a whole year!  Hooray for us!  Here’s a picture for you to enjoy:

Toren at just about 1 year

He has his 1 year checkup Thursday, so I’ll have stats on height/weight then.  I’m also compiling some statistics.  Here’s a sampler:

  • Total posts on the blog about Toren since he was born: 267
  • Total spent on baby supplies and daycare since he was born (excludes his food, which is now just part of the food budget around here): $6,628
    • That’s half a year of daycare.  Supposedly it gets cheaper as he gets older, but I’m guessing other expenses increase.  If his cost were to stay constant or if total expenses for Toren averaged to this amount, he’d cost $119,304 by the time he is 18.  So, I’m guessing we’ve been skimping on him!  😉
  • Total teeth: 6 (maybe 7)
  • Total haircuts: 1/2 (Debi snipped a little bit off the back as he was starting to look like he had a hip 1980s mullet)
  • Total words: 2 1/2 – “dada,” “mama,” and “nana” – We’re still not sure what “nana” means, but we lean towards milk.

We’re throwing a small party for friends this Saturday.  Hopefully I’ll have some pics from that come Saturday.

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6 Replies to “Toren is 1!”

  1. @Jessica
    I certainly won’t disagree. I think he’s very cute, but I’m also very biased! Of course, he’s less cute when he throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way (he’s getting very opinionated), but he’s still cute!

  2. Happy Birthday Baby Toren! I guess we’ll have to stop calling him “Baby” Toren, he’s growing up.

  3. I continue to enjoy all the Toren pics – he is soo adorable. Happy birthday to him…and congrats to you two! I always say that a baby’s first birthday is as much a celebration for the parents 🙂 I also think that a one year old is still a baby. Even though Noah is only 4, I look back at pictures of when he was a year old and I am a little sad at how quickly I embraced him becoming a “big boy” as I looked forward to his next stage. Hopefully I won’t say the same thing about when he was 4 someday. Anyway, I hope you do something fun to celebrate…and post pics afterward! 🙂

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