I had to replace the motherboard on my computer (bad ethernet port, but still under warranty; 2 weeks without my desktop, but worth it).  While my computer was out of commission, the little cubby where my computer goes was empty.  In a never-ending bid to find awful ways to torment Toren, I put him inside the cubby, much to Debi’s chagrin.  Toren, however, enjoyed it:

Bonus: While Toren was covered with dust as a result, my cubby is now dust-free!

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  1. Ethan loved being in cupboards too – weird little kids. He looks cute in there though, I think I say that every time I comment so I’m going to stop saying it but he just looks cute no matter what he’s doing. And he’s always smiling, even covered in dust in a desk cubby – he’s just cute.

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