I just received an email from YouTube inviting me to apply for “revenue sharing” for one of the videos I posted on that has quite a few views (about 15,000).  I followed the link to apply for revenue sharing and clicked through as much of the process as I could.  But I got to one screen that wouldn’t let me continue.  Basically, you need to select a radio button that will trigger another box to pop up for you to enter additional information (probably javascript).  I clicked on the radio button and nothing happened.  I figured it was a browser issue (despite the fact that I was using Google Chrome), so I fired up Firefox and tried the same application process with Firefox.  Still no luck.  My last recourse for browsers is always Internet Explorer.  Since I run Linux, I had to start up Virtualbox and then launch Internet Explorer in a virtual machine.  The result – it worked.  You can see the side-by-side photos of the two browsers here:

Google Chrome is on the left; Internet Explorer is on the right (in Virtualbox)

Why is this funny?  Well, Google owns YouTube.  Google makes Google Chrome.  Ergo, one of Google’s websites doesn’t work with Google’s browser.  Instead, you have to use Internet Explorer, from Microsoft.  Ooops!

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