someone is compensating for something

I saw this driving around town and snapped a picture.  Why would someone put something like that on their vehicle?  What are they trying to say?

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  1. First time you’ve seen these? Texas has them all over. Even funnier when it’s on a car barely larger than a SmartCar.

    1. Yeah, first time for me. Seeing it on a Smart Car would be funny!

      What does that say about Texas that it’s all over?

  2. If that truck is supposed to represent a phallus, comparitively that’s a teency weency nut sack if you ask me.

  3. Honestly, I think it’s more a sign that people live in a sexually repressive society and try to find little ways to spark conversation that might lead to something more, or at the very least push their rebelliousness in authority’s (e.g., all the church goers’) face. It’s also more common here, which encourages people to do it for trend reasons.

    I don’t know that there has been any research on whether what are popularly referred to as “compensating” behaviors have any correlation to an actual phallus size. Besides being nearly impossible to conduct such research (try getting IRB approval for that study), there are many factors that can lead to behavior such as this, including high levels of unbound testosterone which, according to some research (used loosely here, long story, no pun intended), may actually increase size.

    Much more likely that there are social motivations behind the behavior that have nothing to do with physical traits.

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