While visiting with my friend Mark and his wife and kids in Arizona, one of his kids, Noah, was asking me various questions about animals. One of the questions he asked was whether or not I could show him a picture of the rhinoceros from the Ice Age movie. He was talking about this rhinoceros:
fictitious rhinoceros from the movie "Ice Age"
I spent about 30 minutes trying to find out exactly which rhinoceros this is out of the many in the evolutionary tree of rhinoceros (family: rhinocerotidae).  Turns out, they aren’t real rhinoceroses.  They are based on the woolly rhino (Coelodonta Tologoijensis), but clearly are the result of artistic license.  Here’s what the actual woolly rhino would have looked like:

woolly rhino (Coelodonta Tologoijensis)

I figured I’d post this for anyone else looking for this so they don’t spend 30 minutes trying to figure out which species of rhinos are in the movie “Ice Age.”


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  1. After many hours of research I found out that these two rhinos are both different types of titanothores.One is a brontotherium and the other is an embolotherium from North America and Central Asia.bye

  2. Hi ,anonymous again here.Just to let you know I found this information on a page from the natural history museum archive,bye again.

  3. Thank you! You’ve achieved what you’d set up to do with me… Took about 2 min to get here and find out these rhinos are fictuous!

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