Toren was a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.  He picked it out himself.  We think his interest in pumpkins resulted from activities and songs at his daycare, but whatever it was, he really wanted to be a pumpkin:

one cute pumpkin

Here’s our little pumpkin riding his latest toy, a bouncing, rotating zebra:

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  1. I think he’s the cutest pumpkin I’ve ever seen. I’m glad he’s already into dressing up for Halloween – he’s already super cool.

  2. @mom
    He didn’t get any candy. He doesn’t quite understand trick-or-treating yet. I took him to our neighbors, to whom we are close, and they gave him an apple, which he prefers to candy at this point. So, no candy for him!

  3. TOREN IS DARN CUTE!!! I loved how he performed – he took perfect direction in the video- maybe motion pictures are in his future. 🙂 The pumpkin costume was adorable. Did he love the candy he got?? Hope there were a few cookies in there since he loves those so much.

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