Debi had a conference in Hilton Head, SC from the 20th through the 23rd.  Since Hilton Head is within driving distance (about 7 hours), we decided we’d all go up.  On the way we stopped to see a friend and colleague in Jacksonville, then continued on to Savannah, GA.  We had heard it was a very pretty city and had never been, so we stopped for a brief visit.  As it turns out, it was the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, which is, apparently, a big deal in Savannah.  The waterfront walkway was basically cordoned off and vendors were out selling their wares and lots of alcohol.  Since we typically tend to avoid events that include lots of drunken revelry, we walked through the waterfront area pretty quickly then ended up in a nearly empty park near the waterfront where we let Toren play.  And play he did.  He ran all over the place for a good hour.

Toren playing in the park
Toren ran around this monument at least a hundred times
Toren, like his cousin Ethan, found a stick; he actually poked the camera lens just after I snapped this picture
here he is running around the monument with his stick

From Savannah to Hilton Head is less than an hour.  We drove into Hilton Head after leaving the park, grabbed dinner, then checked into our hotel, where Toren promptly fell asleep.

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3 Replies to “Savannah, GA”

  1. Yes, Savannah goes all out for St. Patrick’s Day. People come from all around.

    Next time you’re in the area, let me know! You would enjoy the lighthouse on Tybee, and Ft. Pulaski will be fun for Toren in a couple of years.


  2. @Mike
    Hi Mike,

    I thought about contacting you but knew you were superbusy that week and we were only going to be in the area for a couple hours. Next time, I’ll give you plenty of notice!

  3. That sounds great! There are some fun, touristy things to do in the area. I’m glad you enjoyed Hilton Head. It is lovely.

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