Toren is getting increasingly fast and nimble.  The other day I was outside raking leaves while Debi was doing laundry in the garage.  Toren was in the garage with her.  She turned her back on Toren for just a few seconds and when she turned back around he had climbed to the top of our six foot tall Gorilla ladder.

He was at the top of a 6 foot ladder.

Later, Debi was cleaning inside and I was working in the office when she called me into our front room.  Toren had climbed onto the couch (which he does regularly), but then climbed up the back of the couch and was standing on the back of the couch:

Our couch is kind of like this one.

I’m just waiting for him to climb up one of these things and fall… 😐

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  1. You probably won’t have to wait long!!! 🙁 It will happen sooner or later!!! Remember how terrified I would get when you were on the roof????? Remember the story you told not so long ago about worrying if you make it off the mountain with Tommy and Mark??? My grown kids are still scaring me!!! Love you forever!!!

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