According to Debi, Toren regularly does backflips off this bar and lands on his feet:

He didn’t pull off landing on his feet when I saw filmed him.  And the second time he tried, he did slip off and actually bit his lip just a little.  He was fine, but a little injured.

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2 Replies to “Toren at gymnastics”

  1. @Wendy
    Yeah, the last month or so, he’s grown a few inches and put on some weight. He’s also improving his vocabulary at an amazing rate. Pretty cool.
    If I can get him to give me a hug, I’ll tell him it’s from Aunt Wendy!

  2. He’s getting so big! I feel like he’s grown a foot since I saw him a few months ago. What a little adventurer. Give him a big hug from his Auntie Wendy.

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