Anyone familiar with the Cragun family of Mt. Green, UT who has also visited the Cragun home is probably familiar with foosball or table soccer. You’re also probably familiar with the passion most of the Cragun’s had toward the game – many a night was spent hunched over that table, cursing at friends (in a non curse word sort of way). Well, much to my delight, I found out there is an actual foosball league this morning in reading the New York Times. The World Championships were in Italy this past weekend. If only I had the time….

On other fronts – GO VOTE!

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4 Replies to “cool piece of news”

  1. I grew up “spinning” the handles but found over time that I was a better player when I didn’t (better control and faster recovery times). But “no spinning” was never an official rule in the Cragun household – some people “spun the handle” while others just vigorously “twisted the handle.”

    (I’m sure I could come up with a few more fun euphemisms using handles and the other elements of foosball: “kicking the ball”, “whacking the player”, “cranking the rod”.)

  2. Do you all enforce the “no spinning” rule? I met some hardcore foosball guys last year, and they wouldn’t let me spin the handles — you know, when you pull up on it and spin it as fast as possible — saying that real foosballers don’t do that. That took all of the fun out of it for me.

    (“Spin the handle”….could be a euphemism…)

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