We finally had a break in the weather yesterday (it’s the rainy season) long enough to go outside and mow the lawn and take care of some stuff outside.  In the process, I came across this:

LTC – Watch more free videos

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  1. Absolutely a slow news day! 🙂

    I needed to do something different, and make a video came to mind when I saw the lizards hanging in our lizard torture chamber. It was a nice diversion.

    Things are well here. When are you and Erin coming to visit?

  2. No, the torture chamber is still there – waiting for its next victims… bwahahaha!

    I probably picked it up here:

    It’s a cool website that has royalty free music, meaning, as long as I give proper attribution, I don’t have to pay the musicians to use their music. I try to be law abiding that way.

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