…before a Wal-Mart Employee was trampled to death in the mad rush of consumerism on Black Friday.  When shopping deals are based on a first-come, first-served basis, you can only expect people to trample each other.  The structure of the situation facilitates misbehavior.  It could be solved with a lottery system.

This doesn’t absolve the people, of course.  How despicable do you have to be to be willing to sacrifice the safety and even lives of others in the interest of saving a couple hundred dollars?  The worst part about this is that the people felt no remorse even after they found out an employee had been killed.

Happy holidays… 🙁

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3 Replies to “It was just a matter of time…”

  1. This is very sad, and I can’t imagine being that kind of a person. I do love to go shopping on Black Friday (and I hate to shop) it is a rush. I am one though if it is that big of a deal that someone is going to start a fight with me I will just let them have it. There were a few stores this year that we walked in and just walked back out.


  2. This was so sad! I won’t go to the Black Friday sales. It makes me too uptight. We talked with our kids about this. It is sad that people are so worried about getting $50 off of some toy, or camera, that they turn into animals.

  3. Indeed. In my mind, $50 off does not equal the value of a human life. It doesn’t even equal the value of pushing someone. Very sad!

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