Debi just returned to Florida from a weekend visit to Utah for a baby shower.  She very much enjoyed the trip and the shower and loved seeing everyone.

Lucky her, she returned when I was about half way through redoing our spare bathroom.  We redid our master bathroom over our winter break.  The spare bathroom has been on our to-do list ever since we bought the house.  The previous owner did about the most superficial cosmetic make-over ever.  She removed the old medicine cabinet, but couldn’t find one to fit the hole that was left as a result, so she put a mirror in the hole and left it that way.  She also painted over a spot that had water damage from a leaky roof (which is probably what led to the roof being replaced a few years ago).  So, a large chunk of one wall had paint that had bubbled up from the water damage.  Saturday, I tore the crappy mirror out, reframed the hole in the wall to fit a modern medicine cabinet, and scraped off all the crappy paint.  I then patched everything up on Monday and put a first coat of paint on Tuesday.  We painted for a couple of hours last night after she got back (“Welcome home. Now paint!”)  She’s finishing most of the painting today.  Hopefully this evening I can put the bathroom back together.  Once that’s done, all that will be left is some caulking and touch up work.  Hooray – we’ll have fixed that bathroom.  Only four more rooms to go… 🙁   (We’re only going to do one more before the baby comes; too much other stuff going on.)

On a completely unrelated note, while doing a Google vanity search (i.e., I was searching for me) after reading this Slashdot story I came across a book being published with my name on it. As an academic sociologist, publishing a book is important for tenure and promotion criteria, but I actually didn’t publish THIS book. Here’s what I can gather… I am the primary author of a Wikibook and it looks like some unknown publisher – Seven Treasures Publications – has taken my work (and the work of a number of other people who have contributed to the book), put it in print, and is now making money off of it. I was never contacted about this, but the book is being marketed as though I am the primary author. I guess, in a sense, I am, but I never gave permission for anyone to sell it on or publish it in print. Now I’m not sure what I should do.  I’m not sure if this is legal given the GNU Free Documentation License of Wikibooks.  But I’m also concerned that someone is making money off my reputation as a scholar.  Thoughts?

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  1. Wow, good luck with that! That suck, or not? I say yeah for getting the bathroom done though, man it feels nice to refinish something old and make it new and beautiful. Maybe it’s that ingrained psycho Cragun work-a-holic bug we have but my hands are itching for a new project. Good for you guys. Good luck with the next one!

  2. As I read the license they are compliant. The license states that they can make copies and receive compensation in exchange for the copy. They must also include the license which it appears that they do. If you are uncomfortable with that you could see what your options are to remove the book from Wikibooks and publish it under another more amenable license. I would maybe start by looking at one of the Creative Commons licenses. You could also contact the publisher and/or amazon to see if they would kindly pull the book on your request.

  3. That must have been quite a surprise. At least it was Intro to Soc and not some right-wing primer. 😉

    I didn’t look at the license, but I wondered if the publishing option was built in, as Scott discovered.

  4. It’s cool it’s published, but bull shit that you don’t get anything for it.
    Burn the disco, and hang the DJ!

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