He’s ranting about this report, of which I am a co-author. I consider this a shining achievement and derive almost as much satisfaction from watching Glenn Beck’s hysterics over our survey as I did when I learned I was going to publish my first article.

My only regret: I didn’t make him cry!

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5 Replies to “I made Glenn Beck mad!”

  1. Wow, way cool. I heard both Beck and Michael Medved talk about “Nones” at length this last week, but I had no idea you had a hand in it. Congratulations, that’s way cool.

  2. You did not make him mad. The report did not make him mad, so you did not make him mad since you did not significantly change the religious composition of the U.S. He is responding to what the report means, not the report itself.

    1. Right, but he would not have been mad about this issue (he’s always mad about something) had the report not come out. So, I’m still taking credit! 🙂

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