I received this fun little piece of mail the other day:

survey fail

If you click on it you’ll see that it says, “Dear Toren Cragun; WE VALUE YOUR OPINION.” It then proceeds to ask him to fill out a survey evaluating his recent doctor’s visit.

I considered being a bit snarky and sending back the survey with Toren’s hand and foot prints all over it.

How would you respond to a survey sent to your 2 month old child?

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4 Replies to “survey fail”

  1. You should send it back saying something like. “I would fill out this survey, but I’m only 2 months old and can’t read or write.” Sorry.

    What a hoot.

    Scott & Shalynn

  2. Since they send these to babies, I hope there’s at least a mechanism to avoid sending this form to people who have died.

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