In case you missed it, I posted a few trip reports.  Here are the links for those who didn’t see them:

And now for some photos of me shoveling horse feces and painting during the PEACE Alternative Break:

our Alternative Break group; 10 students and me
that's me pushing a wheelbarrow full of horse crap
we were actually painting the red and white doors (like the one above the trash can), but I was trying to be funny and pretended I was painting the trash can

Finally, a milestone update for Toren.  Over the past 3 weeks Toren has begun rolling from his back to his stomach, something he was loathe to do before that.  He isn’t crawling yet, but he is slowly becoming more mobile.  He has also developed a rather interesting quirk.  He’s pretty good at feeding himself stuff he can pick up – including whole cheerios, extra spicy Cheez-Its, and anything else he can grab with his fingers.  However, he doesn’t always chew and swallow the stuff he puts in his mouth.  Last night I gave him a bite of our food (filling for egg rolls) and he just kept it in his mouth.  About 20 minutes later I checked and it was still there.  Not sure what’s up with that.  Toren has also become an expert in his walker.  He runs all over the kitchen, particularly when we open a cupboard or the fridge.  He can be all the way across the kitchen and as soon as we open something, he’ll zoom over to see it.  He’s definitely curious; he just hasn’t figured out how to crawl.

And one very last thing – Toren is now in daycare, but not doing well.  He spends most of the time in daycare crying and/or whimpering.  It’s been tough, particularly on Debi who drops him off and picks him up most days.  We’re hoping he will adjust over time, but if anyone has any suggestions, we’d appreciate them.

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