Almost all of Toren’s clothes are either gifts from family or borrowed from a colleague from UT who has very graciously lent us tons of clothes for Toren to wear since he was born (she has two boys and another child on the way).  Among the clothes she lent us was a striped shirt with very bright colors and orange pants.  Someone else gave us toddler shoes that have orange lions on them.  Put those together with my very strange sense of humor and taste… Et voila – Toren the metrosexual:

Why do girls get to wear all the pretty colors?!?

It’s not the best picture, but you get the point.  Debi said the workers at his daycare were a bit taken aback by this outfit!  Personally, I call this the “lady killer” outfit.

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2 Replies to “Toren, 10 months and comfortable with his sexuality”

  1. I think he is adorable no matter what he is wearing!!! However, I think that outfit is cute. Orange happens to be Karlie’s favorite color. The lion motif is appropriate since he roars at daycare!!:-)

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