Summit Date

December 21st, 2003; around 9:30 am


Ryan & Debi Cragun

Trip Report

We had driven over 700 miles the day before, visited Alabama’s highpoint, and spent the night in Elba, AL at Olde South Inn bed & breakfast. The owner was great and the accommodations were very nice. We were on our way to Orlando for a week vacation and decided to take a slightly different route to include my final two highpoints in the South.

Elba is only about 50 miles north of Lakewood/Britton Hill, so we arrived fairly early. We nearly drove right past the park and highpoint as the signage from the north isn’t particularly great and the park is pretty small.

When we pulled in, we were pretty disappointed. It’s not a very nice park. It doesn’t look like a lot of effort has been put into making the park nice or keeping it up. The restrooms looked pretty nasty; thankfully, we didn’t need to use them.

It was also surprisingly chilly, probably in the mid-40s with the wind chill. We hopped out of the car and while Debi set up the tripod, I snapped a bunch of pictures. We took a few pictures of us by the monument before Debi dashed back to the car to get warm. I then snapped a few pictures of the marker signs before we left.

This isn’t a very pretty highpoint and there definitely isn’t much to see here. I believe I saw a trailhead near the monument, but we didn’t take the time to explore it. We probably spent a total of 5 minutes here, and, sadly, it was probably about 4 minutes too long. The only nice things to see at this site are the monument itself and the view to the east. I would recommend a quick stop here before heading on to somewhere more interesting.



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