I’m writing this as I’m waiting for Debi’s flight to land. Just found out it’s running 15 minutes late. She’s coming back from a very short trip to Utah to see her sister’s newborn. She left Wednesday night and is coming back tonight – just in time to celebrate the tail end of my 30th birthday. 30, huh? Weird!

Other news – finished grading all of my papers for my classes – hooray! Now on to revising my dissertation and research over the winter break – Happy Human Light day to all!

As for the job search, things are slow. One phone interview with a university in Tampa and a few emails indicating interest is all. I did hear that my classmate landed his dream job (well, I don’t know if it is his dream job, but pretty close). Congrats to Dave!! (He also reads my blog – I should send him an email to personally congratulate him…).

Other than that, not much going on here. Settling in for a very short break – prepping for two classes and revising my dissertation – whooppeee! Oh, and I did buy a new XBox game for my birthday – X3. It’s not great, but it’s mildly entertaining. I figure I can blow a few hours on it over the winter break and not feel too bad about it. Grad school guilt, though… It never lets you rest… Arghh!!

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  1. Very cool! I’m very happy for you – now you can relax through the holidays. Okay, I know that isn’t true. Now you can focus on getting your dissertation done over the holidays, just like I am doing 😉

    It must be a great relief to finally have some certainty back in your life as to what you’ll be doing next year! Hopefully I’ll have some certainty as well in the not too distant future!

  2. Thanks! I’m thrilled and still a little numb over the whole thing. I got a call on Friday afternoon strongly, uh, hinting that an offer would come shortly (he was still waiting to hear from the dean). The official offer came last night. After months of stress and uncertainty and too many trips to the Post Office, I can’t believe this has come to an end. So, now I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you…

    Ironically, I can’t say anything on my own blog yet since my better half needs to figure out when she’s going to say something at work. She’s trying to find the best time for all involved.

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