Debi and I had our first birding outing last Sunday. A couple of professors at UT we’ve gotten to know are big into birding and took us out bright and early Sunday morning to get a taste for it. We went out to Brooker Creek Preserve and spent a couple hours peering through binoculars looking for birds. I have to admit I was more impressed with the humongous spiders everywhere along the path, but the birding was loads of fun. I was amazed at how good our friends had become at determining what kind of bird was near just by its call. Granted they are biologists and they’ve been doing this for quite a while, but still, it was amazing.

On a different note, I’m getting ready to teach my Intro. classes about stratification and thought I’d make it a little more meaningful by putting together a stratification pyramid here in Tampa. Here’s one of the one’s I came up with:

tampa money

Not too surprisingly, the top 6% of Tampanians make about 30% of the money. The bottom 50% make about 20% of the money.

(Note: I’m not sure what people from Tampa go by yet; I was thinking of my options – Tamponian, Tampon, Tampian, Tamper – and decided I like Tampanian best.)

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