First, thank you to everyone who submitted a possible name.  We ended up with a list of about 50 names.  After an exhaustive debate (I’m nursing a seriously bruised ego), we have narrowed the list down to 13 names we like.  We’re now hoping people will vote for their favorite name and let us know which names they like and don’t like and why.  Getting feedback has been very helpful in this process, so please comment at length.  You can choose up to 3 names:

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(Disclaimer: We may not go with the top rated name.  We’re really looking for feedback on what names we shouldn’t use.)

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17 Replies to “baby names (part 2)”

  1. Yes! First to vote! Ansel Cragun just sounds good. Plus you want to have some art heritage in a house of scientists! 😉 Same goes for Winston, including that familial connection. And Jonas rounds out my top three. Good luck, and give my best to Deb!

  2. You’ve got a nice list here…there aren’t any that I really DISLIKE, but here is my 2 cents on a couple of names…thanks to Peanuts Linus just screams thumb-sucking kid with a blanket to me. Darwin (although the actual reference is obvious) reminds me of the Darwin awards. And, while I like the name, I wonder if Ansel would be mis-heard as “Hansel” (like…& Gretel) his whole life. My votes were Winston (a personal, familial link is a bonus), Konrad (sounds cool with Cragun) & Jonas…although it was fun to see Finn on the list (like that name a lot) & I like Anson lots too. You can always use one of the more unusual names, or your runner up, for the middle name too…unless you’ve already chosen that one? Good luck, you two!

  3. Cool list. My choices are: 1) Winston, 2) Tylor Darwin, and 3) Ronan. My choices were guided mostly by what sounds cool with “Cragun” but is still least likely to get the young lad picked on in school. 😉

  4. As others have suggested, cartoon characters and biblical figures come to most people’s minds before scientists and artists. Linus and Jonas are out (I can just imagine the whale comments from those trying to convert him). Finn is going to turn into Huckleberry quite quickly. Darwin may turn into a handicap if he ended up going into business where deals could be lost due to the other side’s preconceptions (I benefit from the reverse of this, particularly now that I live in a very red, non-Utah state).

    I like Ronan, but it might be bad for internation situations as Ronin are masterless samurai who had great shame for not following the samurai code of hara-kiri (suicide) when they lost their master (or were cast out).

    Ansel is too contemporary; reminds me of Elvis kids, though in a different way.

    Of the remaining, Konrad is my first pick. Konrad Cragun is a very strong name.

    Sorokin is hanging on the edge. I like it, though know there would be a lot of “say that again” upon introductions. Still debating whether people would forget it later, or repeat it to themselves because of how feels to say (a rather nice wave of the tongue I must say.)

    Dresden doesn’t pass the same test, and is left out. The “Dr..” in that almost causes a crinkle in the nose that makes you dislike it. Dreadful, Dreary. I think the only reason Dreamy doesn’t do that because you’re inclined to tilt your head back as you say it to avoid the crinkle.

    Toren squeezes in, though the proclivity of saying “Tora, tora, tora!” makes it questionable.

    There is your detailed rational, in all its irrationality.

  5. Dresden, or Darwin. Hands down. Dresden is my favorite though. I know you will make the right choice.
    Ever thought about Jesus?

  6. Chad and I are currently having this dilemna as well. These baby names are very difficult/stressful and boys are twice as hard. I like Finn, Chad says a Finn Ferguson will not work, so I say that you should use it! Good luck!

  7. I love Jonas and Toren. (I also love Soren, for what it’s worth!) I also voted for Linus because Cameron said it was his favorite.

    Congrats — boys are tons of fun! David and I also had a really hard time agreeing on boys’ names though. Cameron was the only boy name we could agree on the first time around. Matthew’s name is a longer story.

  8. I don’t think you should go with Jonas at the moment. The Jonas brothers have ruined the name and it will be popular soon. I like Winston.

  9. Well, I personally think Ansen sounds great with Cragun. Ultimately you will know when you see that beautiful little boy. It will just come to you as it did when my son was born. Now, to give you a little laugh, here is the name we chose for my son, and this is no joke….

    Braeden Koka Douglas Lavine John Makaiwi-Tracy.

    Poor kid i know, but when we couldnt decide for sure, we just kinda ran em all together. We gave him Braeden so he would have his own name, and Koka is Hawaiian for Scott. Douglas, Lavine, and John are grandfathers names, and the obvious Makaiwi-Tracy is his mother’s last name as well as mine. Like i said, you will know when the time comes. Keep us all informed and congrats!

  10. So, a comment about a comment. As far as I know, it was Jona who was with the whale not Jonas. Not that my opinion matters, but you should just choose what you like. Forget what is popular or not. Those things change. Looks like you did okay with Ryan and I would imagine that in 1970’s it was fairly popular. Anyway, I agree with Brad in that you should give serious thought to using Jesus :)… My vote is for Jonas!

  11. Hi Mark,

    Jonas is the Greek form of Jonah, so the two are the same.

    I’ve never met a Caucasian Jesus in my life, but I have met Hispanic people named Jesus…

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