…rolls!  Okay, so he’s only done it three (3) times unassisted, but he has rolled over from his stomach to his back.  He did it twice last Thursday while my Mom was watching him and one more time while I was watching.  Now that I am trying to film him do it, he refuses, but we know he can.  Milestone passed-ish.  Hopefully more Toren pics soon…

On a different front, if you’re wondering whether we really need healthcare reform in the U.S., check out this series of PBS videos: Sick Around the World.  It’s free and less than an hour.  You have the time and you know you’re interested!  Basically it’s a PBS reporter who travels around to five different countries and examines their healthcare and compares it to the U.S.  Debi was required to watch it for one of her classes so we watched it with my Mom.  It’s the best video I have seen (better than Sicko) on why we need health care reform in the U.S.  My Mom liked it and was convinced by it that we really need to change the current system.

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  1. The reason I liked the PBS documentary is because he is not out to sensationalize anything, yet it is still really interesting. He simply uses concrete examples to illustrate how there are many ways that the U.S. could reform health care.

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