Debi walked into the office today while I was holding Toren.  She was wearing a tanktop (yea Florida weather!) and I noted that I could see her ribs.  I’ve been telling her that she needs to gain weight (yep, that’s a man telling a woman she needs to gain weight).  She proceeded to try to convince me that her weight loss since Toren was born (she’s now down about 8 pounds below her pre-pregnancy weight) doesn’t mean that she is too thin.  Her evidence: she tried showing off her growing biceps from carrying Toren.  As she flexed, Toren broke out into spontaneous laughter.

I didn’t do anything to make him laugh, but he sure seemed to find Debi’s flexing funny.  She did it a few more times and he laughed again.  Apparently Toren finds Debi’s claim that she is putting on muscle funny as well!

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