I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but in the last few months a new pain management clinic was opened in the strip mall behind our house called Tampa Bay Wellness Centre. For two and a half years, we’ve had no problems with the strip mall that is just over our fence. But in the last few months, that has changed.

On January 31st, a Saturday, Debi and I woke up to the sounds of chainsaws. I didn’t immediately realize from where the sound was coming, but soon realized that someone was cutting down all of the trees on the other side of our fence by the strip mall. No one had approached us about doing this. What’s more, the previous owner of the house who put in our fence, didn’t actually put the fence on our property line, but instead put the fence about 2 to 3 feet away from our property line because he didn’t want to cut down those trees. Ergo, the trees they were cutting down were actually at least partially our trees, on our property. I went out, stuck my head over the fence, and got the attention of the woman who was cutting down the trees. I mentioned to her that the trees were on my property, which immediately gave her pause. She was hired to cut them down and was told that they were on the property of the owner of the strip mall. She immediately went to talk to the person who had hired her to let him know that this was sketchy. He and another business owner then came around to my place where I was out talking with my neighbor, to apologize and try to smooth things over. A little late – the trees were already cut down!

Over the last month, with the trees gone, we’ve had several instances where people have been walking around in the alley behind the strip mall at 11:00 pm talking loudly or yelling. I went out there a couple of weeks ago after a guy had been talking loudly for over an hour at 11:00 pm and popped my head over our fence. I don’t know who he was, but he didn’t wait around – he dropped his phone and ran.

One other time over the past week there have been people talking loudly in the alley at night. But last night, at 11:00 pm, it was really getting on my nerves. Then a car alarm went off, waking up Toren. I’d had enough. I went into our backyard to see what was going on, but by that time no one was back there, despite there still being 6 or 7 cars in the alley. So I decided I’d walk around to the front of the strip mall to see what was going on.

I’m probably too naive to realize that this was very risky, but I was pissed. As I walked around the corner to the strip mall and started to head down the sidewalk, I started noticing a group of people hanging out in front of the Tampa Bay Wellness Centre. As I got closer, I realized these people were not really the kind of people I’d want to run into late at night – they were wearing tattered clothing, looked unkempt, looked to be in relatively poor health, had various scars, and looked, well, mean. Having no experience with drug dealers, I can’t say for certain that’s what they looked like, but that was the initial impression I received – white, scummy, drug dealers. There were about 6 or 7 of them standing in front of the Tampa Bay Wellness Centre. When I got to the door of this “clinic”, I started to ask the people sitting around outside if it was open, but then one of them opened the door and walked in, so I followed him. Inside, at 11:00pm on a Friday night, there were at least another 15 to 20 people sitting around a makeshift clinic, watching TV. They looked just like the people outside.

Cut into one wall was a window where I assumed the staff were. I waited while the guy who entered before me asked if he was up yet. Then it was my turn. In the little, unfinished, and really scary looking office, there were three people I could see – a young woman, a young man, and Gloria, a middle-aged woman. I started right in on them, complaining about the noise and wanting to know what was going on. Gloria was the one who piped up and denied that it was them, claiming that they didn’t let anyone back in the alley. BS! I mentioned the car alarm and told them I have an 8-month old son. She apologized, then said that they were going to be leaving in a week. When I asked why, the young man said, “Does it matter? You don’t want us to leave?” To which I responded, “No, you leaving would be great, but it just looks funny for you to set up shop for a month or two then leave.” Anyway, I ended up getting the card of the Doctor who supposedly runs the clinic and Gloria’s name, then warned her that I would start phoning in noise complaints to the police every time I heard them from now on. At this, one of the patrons said, “If you have a problem with this place, you can go talk to the police officer who is watching it from his cruiser in the parking lot over.” I told him I just might.

I walked out to glares from some of the patrons, then headed back the way I came. I did notice as I walked that there was a Tampa Police cruiser in the parking lot opposite the clinic as the patron said, so I went over to the cruiser to see what was going on. I think he was a bit wary at first, but when I introduced myself and explained what I was doing, he relaxed and we started to chat. He was, in fact, observing this “clinic” because the police are fairly confident that what is happening is that the doctor is simply writing whatever patients walk in prescriptions for narcotics and painkillers. My neighbor and I had guessed this was what was happening, but to hear the police confirm that it was the suspicion was surprising, especially because the officer said there was nothing they could do at this point. That annoyed me because the local police recently busted a bunch of people in the Tampa area doing just this. As we talked, the officer was amazed to hear that I had gone into the clinic. He was also amazed that it was open at 11:00pm on a Friday night. He kept saying, “I don’t know of any doctor’s offices that are open that late at night.” Anyway, the officer was nice and did confirm that I could call in noise complaints after 11:00 whenever they occurred. So, I’ll be doing that.

But I also decided to look into things a bit more this morning. Here’s what my internet sleuthing has discovered:

Ronald J. Heromin

Ronald J. Heromin is the doctor who is running the Tampa Bay Wellness Centre. He is licensed in Florida. However, he was been disciplined by the Florida Board of Medicine, on April 4, 2009, for beginning to operate on a patient’s wrong leg. (You can see a copy of the discipline decision here as well.) Unfortunately that only ended in a $5,000 fine. Dr. Heromin has also recently filed for bankruptcy with close to $150,000 in debt. This sounds like the perfect recipe for a doctor to start slumming it, doling out prescriptions for narcotics. I, of course, cannot say that Dr. Heromin is doing that, but his clinic is certainly sketchy. The clientèle were sketchy. And staying open late at night on a Friday doling out prescriptions in a clinic that, from my quick purview, doesn’t even have a room to see patients seems really, really sketchy. So, I don’t know what Dr. Heromin is doing, but it’s not above reproach.

Because I don’t want to keep the card I took that night any longer, I’m posting all of the information it included here:

Tampa Bay Wellness Centre
Office of Ronald J. Heromin, M.D.
1943 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 374-8950
Fax: (813) 374-8949

Ettinberg Properties, LLC & Haim Goldenberg

The owner of the strip mall where Tampa Bay Wellness Centre is located is Haim Goldenberg, the registered agent of Ettinberg Properties, LLC. Here’s the property tax information on the property, which says it is worth $1.4 million. And here’s the corporate information on Ettinberg Properties, LLC. Apparently he’s living quite well – here’s a picture of his home courtesy of Google Maps. It’s 2009 market value is $688,764.00. He’s also the registered agent of Universal Auto Leasing Inc. at 8542 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33614, which looks like some strange car rental or leasing location. I’d laugh if this also happens to be Haim Goldenberg, the famed Israeli mentalist, but I doubt it.

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  1. I can’t believe you walked into that at 11:00 p.m. You’re either much braver than I thought, or stupid as a post 🙂 That took some Cajones brother.

    Seriously, think twice before going back over there at night. You never know what tweakers are going to do. And I would suggest putting up plenty of lights outside your house. The criminal element seems to prefer to operate in the dark.

    And finally, get a gun! 🙂

  2. Here’s another vote for adding lights outside your house. I can’t go to sleep easily if it is light and I hate light pollution, too, but more than that I hate being a drug addict’s source of income.

    I hope that the “clinic” does leave soon, and that the new occupants are operating more clearly on the right side of the law.

  3. We do have motion detecting lights on the back of our house, but I turned them off because they were picking up tree branches moving in the wind. Maybe I’ll turn them back on again.

    Debi said she saw a sign saying the clinic’s space was for lease, so hopefully they are leaving.

  4. What was the address of Heromin’s office. I’ve heard other complaints as well, we need to do something about this.

  5. Oh just keep me informed on addresses and thank you, also very good blog site. I heard he worked at Gulfshore Pain & Wellness Center Ronald J. Heromin, M.D. 508 S. Habana Avenue Suite #300. Tampa, FL 33609. How could he be at both places?

  6. He very well could work at both places, but I think the Habana Avenue address is the old one (pre November 2009). He left there for some reason and moved to the MLK address. He’s now left the MLK address (as of February 28, 2010). Apparently these pain clinics move regularly, probably to avoid too much attention, as he certainly got it from me!!

  7. I have more information about these people we were robbed by them yet the police could not help a little strange dont you think? i know every single bit of illegal activity that is going on in there, ive contacted the DEA several times if you wonder y they suddenly moved the pharmacy next door vip is involved in it all also. Mark Beltram and Stephanie E. Eubanks Fernandez, were the people who robbed us for our computer equipment the master minds of it all. Mark Beltram works at vip pharmacy. Gloria Fernandez, Louis Fernandez Jr., Louis Fernandez III, and dr ronald j heromin are all involved in this and you are right it opened up over night and i can explain exactly how. I dont believe that police officer was watching the clinic in the way u think he was i believe they are working above the law. Louis Fernandez had a compound pharmacy in land o lakes last year which got shut down yet there is no record of it, his son Louis III has spent time in federal prison because of similar thing that are going on in this clinic. from my understanding neither of them are allowed to be involved in this type of business yet they own this clinic and Superior injury center located on hills. ave. the police wont help the dea wont help and with vip pharmacy still there i doubt your problem will go away. I will not go into detail on this post about the illegal activity going on in this place but i am asking for help. If no type of law enforcement agency is willing to help us our next step is the news maybe the police and DEA will feel the pressure and get off their lazy butts and do something this doctor is turning half of tampa into junkies. I plan to print up your blog and take it to each office in the building of their new location These people should all be in jail right now but as always the justice system has failed us. I’d like your support when we call the news please email me at ilunulm@hotmail.com if u r willing to help put these above the law drug dealers away

    and the new address is 2727 MLK suite 590 on the corner of habana phone number is 374-8950

  8. in addition to my last message he no longer works at the Gulf shore clinic he has not worked there for several months

  9. “WOW” You sir are a very rude man. Do you realize how ignorant you sound? You are discriminating against people that are sick and in chronic pain. You say you were so concerned about your trees getting cut down and the noises that keep you up at night but the entire focus of this blog is to run Dr. Heromins name through the dirt. My 70 year old mother who has many medical conditions including cancer is a patient of the Tampa Bay Wellness Clinic and I can assure you that my mother is no white scummy drug dealer. My mothers first appointment with Dr. Heromin was very professional she needed all her medical records from previous doctors, all her pathology reports, her pharmacy profile from her pharmacy, and blood work which the doctor reviewed before she could even sign in to be seen. Once in the back there is a room which had a examine table and a medical assistant came in took her vitals, and did a complete history and physical on my mother. Next the doctor came in and took one hour going over her medical conditions explaining the medications that she would be prescribed and doing a complete examination. Lastly the medical assistant once again went through everything that was done in the visit. Dr. Heromin also encourages his patients to return to him at no additional cost for any illness they may have in between appointments. He cares about each of his patient’s entire wellbeing. You also say in anger about one discipline report against him again I stress ONE. Can you honestly say you have never been disciplined of doing something that was not entirely your fault? Just remember there is more that one side to every story! I am sorry that trees were cut down but I strongly feel you are attacking the wrong man. Dr. Haromin was not the one who cut down those trees. Place the blame where it’s due. Any doctor that is willing to attend to his patients with extended hours one night a week then my hand goes out to him. One last thing you mentioned your child in this blog did you ever stop to think if Dr. Heromin had any children and if so did you ever stop and think how they would be affected bye this blog you wrote. I am sure you didn’t because you as a parent would know how devastating it would be to your child to hear lies about you when someone said them out of pure anger.

    1. Hi upset daughter,

      I didn’t say anything in my post that was untrue. Dr. Heromin was reprimanded for making a mistake. That is a statement of fact. Dr. Heromin filed for bankruptcy. That is a statement of fact. Many of the patients in his “office” when I visited were not the most upstanding characters. That is more of a statement of opinion, but based on my observations. I never said Dr. Heromin was a bad person. I’ve never met him. For all I know he is the nicest person in the world. But his “pain management clinic” is a pretty scummy place, in my opinion. Whether or not that says something about him, I don’t know for sure.

      Also, do keep in mind that I’m happy to have someone like you come to my blog and defend him. I have only had bad interactions with his staff and clientèle. If someone has had good interactions, I welcome their thoughts on my blog and won’t censor it. I don’t know of any other way to be fair to those involved.

      Does me reporting my experience make me rude? Does me reporting statements of fact and then offering my opinion make me rude? Not sure that it does. But you’re welcome to add your opinion to this post.

      1. i heard of this guy is switching locations every few months, his new address is unknown. i need to find his new address so i can keep reporting him. can anyone help out?

  10. He has to update his primary address where he practices on this site in order to remain in compliance with state law:

    He hasn’t updated it yet, but if you keep checking it, I’m sure he will soon.

  11. Dr. Hermomin is scum he hits on all pretty female patients, he was caught getting oral sex in the bathroom by one of those he sexually harassed me it was very degrading he is prescribing 420 oxycodone, 320 oxycotton, 240 methadone, 120 xanex, all to most patients if he was a good doctor he would not be getting all of tampa hooked on these drugs half of these patients dont even have anything wrong with them other than muscle spasm. his new location at 2727 mlk is a front office they will do everything legit there but on the weekends he’s located in the 2 story green building n the plaza on the other side of albany take a walk thru there and notice the patients in a room noded out and snorting their pills i have a whole video of it take a look outside this weekend ryan and tell me what u c from 8am till all hours that is the real office and if you walk inside and c these people you will think u r in a crack house the video we released to the dea is unreal and to say this man is a good doctor is totally wrong i know him personally and he is a drug dealer period i have friends that had good lives and starting seeing him and are now addicted to these pills he gets dope sick when he runs out its like heroin but he followed the doctors instructions what happened to the hipacratic oath heromin took when he became a doctor was his oath to get all of tampa hooked on these pills so he and the fernandez family could make as much money as possible. and as for the upset daughter things were different when he worked at tampa bay wellness clinic they ran theyre office different but that office was robbed by the feranandez family and he went to work for them god forbid he turns your mom into a pill junkie like he has the rest of his patients


  13. This place is s straight up pill mill. They give you whatever you want as long as you use their referral to Bayview MRI. There is some connection there. I hope the DEA looks at this place hard. What a breeding ground for addiction. It’s sad.

  14. “done with stupity”

    Now that is hilarious!

    Oh, and I should be arrested for describing people as looking like drug dealers? Hmmm… In what world is the concerned citizen the bad guy?

    FYI, I don’t have to leave comments like this on my blog, but I’m happy to do so in order to let people voice their thoughts from both perspectives. Also, keep in mind that there is legal precedent that says I am not responsible for what people post on my blog. That said, if it turns hateful, I will start censoring.

  15. First I’m a father of four good kids,and a member of local 50 a working class citizin , about 2 to 3 years ago I was injured in a motorcycly accident,my sHoulder was dislocated and with no insurence of course I’m sure u can figure out. The final result no money no insurence no surgery now had someone been willing to repair my shoulder for a reasonable price (Ha ha) or been wiling to let me pay payments I would be sleeping at nigHt,playing with my kids,doing all the normal things dads do. instead minimal sleep,limited activity and people like these assholes who want to judge others,was your house robed ? Was your car stolen? Was your family in danger? Its a shame that people have nothing better to do than sit and stare out there window on a lovely friday evening, Get a life!! I’m not no fucking junkie ,try walking in someone else’s shoes not everyone is as blessed as the rest of u dicks. To doctor hermomin thank you I will continue to obtain your services for as long as they are available.

  16. I think this Dr. heromin is a quack. I work at a pharmacy and we get at least 10 scripts a week or more from this doctor for oxycodone 30’s, oxycodone 15’s and xanax. You can’t tell me that mother and daughter and the rest of my customers from this doctor has the same problems. He is writing scripts for money. Thats it. As of today we will not be filling anymore that comes from this doctor. I hope he gets caught one day

  17. First of all, this blog is ridiculous. This blog started as a complaint about noise and privacy, then became an attack on a genuinely intelligent, sincere doctor. Ryan, I can completely understand your annoyance with noise and your property. But don’t you think you should have first investigated WHO put the order through to have those trees cut down, and second, after going and talking to the people in the front at the clinic, perhaps gone the next day to actually speak to the doctor himself (whom you apparently had no problem to begin with), before you started to blog and bash a man you don’t know from Adam??
    To all of you who want to “share” your opinions about pain clinics, have at it. The REAL fact is, there are TONS of people in this country who are injured or are living with chronic pain who CANNOT afford insurance, surgery, etc. If you actually stop to think about the big picture, the medication that is prescribed allows a majority of these people to be functional in our society, enabling them to actually STAND, WALK, LIFT, or ANYTHING of that sort for a longer period of time so they can actually work instead of filing for social security, disability, or god forbid, unemployment…which guess what, WE ALL pay for!!!
    Believe me, he knows first hand what it is to live in pain. During my first appointment in the middle of last year, he explained that he has had 18 major surgeries, 15 of which were on his spine. The highest form of pain-killing drug he takes is Advil. Advil people!! He lives in the worst king of chronic pain everyday of his life. He can’t take anything more because he would be unable to practice medicine. You know why he lives with this pain?? Because he feels it is an honor and a privilege to treat a patient, and he feels it should be done with a clear mind.
    Michelle–you just sound the most ignorant of all. You have obviously no idea how to spell or use punctuation, which I’m guessing probably translates to how you present yourself in person. Sorry if that sounds offensive, but I think it’s much more polite than the slander you have written. You are very obviously talking out of your ass because none of what you said has EVER happened in regards to the doctor. If you want to be angry with someone, be angry at yourself for seeking out those meds. And like someone said before, if its SO horrible at Dr. Heromin’s office, then don’t go. PLEASE!!
    The junkies?? Open your eyes people. There are so-called junkies everywhere. From the people on the street to the cashier at the grocery store. From the lawyer bailing your ass out of jail to the judge sentencing you. They are the girl cutting your hair, the pilot flying your plane, the chiropractor cracking your neck, the guy selling you a car, the realtor selling you a home, the genetics or sociology professor teaching your children, etc., etc., etc. They are everywhere. So, you all want to be mad and attack someone? Well, just look over your shoulder because I can guarantee you, you will not look far. But to ruthlessly attack a doctor who has genuine concern for each and every one of his patients, it is simply not right and unjustifiable. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone…and that is exactly how he practices, to help people. He doesn’t give narcotic medication to drug abusers. Does he turn them away? No. He wants to help them help themselves. Is he a psychiatrist and can he help them detox? No. But he does try to make sure they get to one. He’s an orthopaedic surgeon, and a DAMN FINE one at that. It is a known fact that people, by nature, focus on the negative. While you are doing all of your investigating, why don’t you look at ALL of the success stories, speeches, papers, and patents that have come from this doctor you are all slandering. Is he “slumming” it? That’s a matter of opinion. He is, however, helping quite a few people, and just because you may be prejudiced to how these people look, whose problem is that? Just because you may see some of these druggie thuggie people loitering around does not mean they are being treated.
    Oh yeah, any sneaky business relationship that you think the clinic has with Bayview is also false. Bayview happens to have a doctor and a state-of-the-art MRI machine that Dr. Heromin trusts. Trust is very hard to come by considering all of the FAKE MRI’s people take there daily.
    And finally, how dare all of you who have attacked this doctor. Absolutely none of you actually have any facts, just opinions about him. Not a single one of you has stopped to think about how your “OPINIONS” would affect his family. The doctor works damn hard to take care of them. He has struggled and pulled himself back from nothing to be able to provide for them. That is his first and most important responsibility and now to have to protect them from the false BS you have all blogged?? You people are shameful. Have you no conscience?? Do you have nothing better to do?? Because if you don’t, try this. Delve a little deeper than the shallow surface you are apparently used to, and you will actually find an accredited, board-certified, respectable, compassionate doctor with a great personality that cares very deeply for his family, those around him, AND his patients.

  18. Welcome “disgusted” (a.k.a. another anonymous poster/drug user),

    As I’ve said before, I’m happy to let your comment stay on my blog. I don’t really see why everyone thinks I’m such a terrible human when I provided facts and then let people disagree with them on MY blog. But, that’s your prerogative.

    I do have to correct some of what you said, though. “Absolutely none of you actually have any facts, just opinions about him.” That, of course, is not true. In my original post, I included facts AND opinion. FACT: Heromin has been reprimanded for operating on a patient’s wrong leg. FACT: Heromin had $150,000 in debt when he filed for bankruptcy. OPINION: At least some of the people visiting his clinic are scummy (based on my factual observations). FACT: His allegedly “helpful” clinic was seeing patients at 11:00 pm at night on a Friday. OPINION: Legitimate doctors don’t keep their clinics open until 11:00 pm on Friday nights.

    Another issue I’d love for one of the critics of my post to address, which “disgusted” kind of started to do, is this: How many of you would like Dr. Heromin’s pain clinic to be located in your backyard? Seriously. If you’ve been there, you know the clientele he attracts. Perhaps some of them genuinely need the medication. But a lot of them are very scummy people. Would you want them loitering in your backyard from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm every day of the week? Would you want them yelling behind your house at 11:00 pm every other night waking up your 7 month old child? If that isn’t something you would want, then maybe you should rethink your criticisms here. I’m trying to defend my child’s right to sleep at night. I’m trying to keep my neighborhood from being infested with drug addicts. And what I’m getting is vitriol for using one of the only tools available to me – a blog.

    “disgusted” and the rest of the anonymous posters defending Dr. Heromin, why don’t you come up with some actual facts (e.g., how many patients does he see, what is required, how long does he spend with them, etc.)? And why don’t you try to explain why an Orthopedic surgeon is doling out pain pills? And why don’t you get Dr. Heromin to come post on here in his defense?

  19. discusted and Done with stupid people are the fernandez family trying to defend them selves “done with stupid people” aka stephanie E. Eubanks fernandez you are the one who caught him getting oral sex remember that… there are nothing but junkies in your doctor office you all turn away nobody and we know this for a fact and they are drug dealers ive had many people sit in the waiting room and record conversations of your patients making deals on the phone while in for the scripts

  20. Ryan, I apologize for my husband, he would never intentially inflict this on you or your family. Toren is a beautiful baby and nothing should ever take away from his safety and security at home. If you had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Heromin personally, he would of treated you with respect and would of stopped the havoc in the back of the clinic immediately! He did not have any say in the trees being cut down and he has spoken in disgust to the person who executed it. My husband, Dr. Heromin, is a wonderful caring physician, husband, father, and friend to many. Yes, it is true that he has had many spine surgeries. He started practicing pain management because he could no longer perform surgery and practice as an orthopaedic surgeon due to the physical endurance it requires. The wrong side surgery was brought infront of the board of medicine and unanimously decided that it was the nursing staff that was at fault, they were disciplined and the hospital as well. Dr. Heromin still had to pay a fine and unfortunately, it will always stay on his record. I could defend him extensively and give many more details; however, I don’t believe this is what the blog is about. Currently, the number of patients Dr. Heromin sees varies. He spends more time with others, depending on their medical conditions. This is why he is there late some nights. He won’t close the door and tell people who have waited many hours that they can not be seen and that they would have to come back another time. He is very compassionate and concerned for his patients, maybe to a fault. But,you should know that the junkies are turned away,(Dr. Heromin can not turn away undesirably dressed patients),and the people with fake MRI’s are turned away. Dr. Heromin has absolutely no financial gain by sending patients to Bayview Radiology. He is impressed by their state of the art MRI scanner and their proficiency.Dr. Heromin never intented to stay at the location near your home Ryan, it was merely used as an interim place before securing a more permanent location. Also, the new staff is working on a better schedule now that they know how much time is required for each patient. Yes, we have endured financial hardship. Sometimes your medical costs, due to unforeseen surgeries, seize your income. Again, please accept our apology, we wish you and your family the very best.

    ” I will not even dignify Michelle’s accusations with a response!”

  21. I wanted to let you all in on my perspective of this situation. I am a recent patient of the good doctor. Let me give you some back ground on myself. I am a professional individual who has been in IT for 10 years. I am married with 3 kids and a dog. When I was in college I fell two stories from a ladder and landed on a paint bucket. I have had issues ever since. Locally I could not find a doctor who would understand that I am unable to work a full day because I cannot sit or stand for more than an hour at a time. After weeks of research I decided to give Dr. Ronald J. Heromin a shoot. I will have to admit there were many patients there (to me that is a good sign). The wait was pleasant and there were no shady “drug dealers” or “gangsters” that I saw. What I did see were several people (elderly women and men) who have all been in a SEVERE accident or hurt in some way. The office staff was as professional and caring as any I have seen. I met this “Mark” that was indicated in an above blog. He seemed to be a real stand up guy. I was shocked to find this blog posted. Here this blog is bashing this doctor and his practice and staff as though they are criminals. Needless to say after reading this in the waiting room I was wondering what the hell was going on. I was called back to an office that looks like any other doctors office and put in exam room 2 (yes there are several exam rooms). I had vitals taken, blood drawn and was drug tested. Then the doctor and his assistant came in and went over my medical records from both my family physician and my surgeon and even called to pull my pharmacy record. The doc them proceeded with the longest exam ever. He said it was to get to the true issues and correct them.
    Usually I do not read or answer blogs but in this case there was not a lot of information on Ronald J. Heromin so I went ahead and decided to read this. In my opinion you are upset about your trees and maybe yourself hooked on narcotics and this is your way to vent. I think the doctor and his staff are top notch. I am impressed by the who experience and honestly insulted by your words. I am no pill junkie or dead beat loser. I am a tax payer, a father, a husband and above all else a human being. If it wasn’t for the doctor I would not be able to function in my everyday life. Hell the doc even paid half of my visit because my insurance would not cover it. Now that is a doctor who cares. Remember there are always two sides to every story and this is my side of my experience with Tampa Bay Wellness Center.
    I also wanted to ask what it matters that the doctor filed bankruptcy. I would watch what you post because I am more than confident that you have some personal issues that you do not aired to the world. People listen to me when I say this is a valid practice and if you need a doctor, Ronald J. Heromin is certainly your guy.

  22. Deirdre, thank you for stopping by. I hope all you say is true. I really, really do.

    Rob the Programmer, you’re also welcome to comment. However, I have to say your suggestion that I must be a drug addict is about the most ridiculous statement anyone has made in this growing list of comments. Seriously? You’re evidence for that? Those are the kinds of comments that can actually get you sued for libel – a completely baseless accusation. Think about it rationally for a second: If I were a drug addict, why would I want to cause problems for a potential supplier? That makes no sense. I hope Dr. Heromin is helping you and that everything at his new clinic is above board. But statements like yours are completely misguided. I took this to my blog because of my experience walking into his over-flowing clinic at 11:00 pm because his staff and patients kept waking up my son. Wouldn’t you do the same?

  23. Ryan and debi you might have wanted to try a little diplomacy instead of attacking people. once agin were people on your prop,was your car or house damaged,did any one do any thing to harm you our your child I didn’t think so. All you had to do was speak to the doc and I’m sure he would have taken the steps to fix your concerns. Now with that said what gives you the right to air someone eles dirty laundry are you perfect?what does the docs personal trial and tribulations have to do with you not sleeping?nothing right?just remember what comes around goes around,you are attacking people and there families isure hope no one attacks your perfect little family you probley couldn’t take what you dish out maybe I will do some digging, find where you guys work and start calling and airing your dirty laundry to your boss and coworkers. last time I looked mlk bld looked pretty hood to me its not like you live in naples in a gated comm. Come down off your high horse you are not better than any one else. one last question if everything you guys are saying is true facts(blow jobs,drug deals,people snorting pills in waiting room,prescribing to so called junkies,and people loitering at all hours how can the doc still opperate
    He must not be breaking any laws you called the cops and who knows who else maybe you should find something else to do besides bashing people you don’t even know don’t forget all this shit is over a noise issue you attacked people and started this blog over a noise complaint you seem quite childish and for your info thousands of hospitals and urgent cares stay open intill late is that a crime? To you and the rest of the slanders get a life and michelle you should get some dick you sound like a real bitch! maybe you wouldn’t worrie about the docs dick. You sound like a mad person what happened the doc turned you away? You guys have a great day to the doc I will see you soon and don’t let the few morons deter you from the positive work you do!!

    1. Bad move, big daddy. While you may think you are anonymous posting on my blog, my website tracks IP addresses. Your physical threat to my family will not be tolerated. I have turned your IP address and contact information over to the police.

      You can comment all you want about the Dr. Heromin situation, but threatening to harm my family is illegal and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    2. Oh, and to answer your questions: Yes people were on my property! Yes my property was damaged! And yes my child was harmed! That’s precisely why I am so upset about it.

      If those are the criteria you need for my actions to be justified, they are justified.

      Also, I tried diplomacy. It didn’t work. This blog, however, has been quite effective.

  24. First I never threatend your bitch ass u pussy , I just asked if u would like a. Motherfucker to slander you and your family and I was right u got your g string all bound up no fun when its your job and family. I don’t give two good fucks if you call santa clause I don’t need to make any threats if I had a problem with you personaly I would come knock on your door and we could hash things man to man I’m not a bitch like you who talks about people on the internet and then crys foul when they want to talk about airing your dirty laundry to your job,church etc. As for the cops fuck them and you search your ip shit its all unneeded just let me know when your free ill grab a twelve and come by we can woork it out like that two grown men ill even bring my kids and wife buy dinner what ever u want maybe then you and your wiff will quite calling dr.heromins patients junkies and drugies and slums which by the way can get your ass sued

    1. Your original comment suggested you’d like to attack my family, per this line: “isure hope no one attacks your perfect little family”. “Attack” is nebulous and could mean physically attack. If that’s not what you meant, fine. Just be careful how you say things. I am very protective of my family’s physical safety, which is what started this whole thing in the first place. I’m sure you can understand that.

      If you’d like to dig up whatever dirt on me you want and post it online, I have no problem with that. That is your prerogative. Just keep this civil and steer clear from any hints of physical violence. I have not and will not threaten physical violence against anyone and expect the people commenting on my blog to follow that same standard.

      As for getting together to chat this out, I have no problem with that. If you’d like to meet for lunch one day, I’d be up for it. I’d love to chat with one of Dr. Heromin’s patients and get a different perspective on what is going on in there.

      Also, I’d like to make it clear that I have never said that ALL of Dr. Heromin’s patients are “scummy” or “drug addicts.” In fact, I don’t KNOW if any of them are. My original post said they looked like how I would imagine a drug dealer looking. But I also said I don’t know what a drug dealer looks like as I’ve never met one. There is a lot I don’t know about Dr. Heromin and his practice. I sincerely hope that he is treating people in genuine need. But there is a lot about his practice, at least as it was organized when behind my home, that made me think otherwise.

      If you’d like to make that clear over lunch, works for me. I’m available on the weekends for lunch or Tuesdays during the week for lunch. Just let me know where you’d like to meet and we can chat.

  25. I don’t mean to step into the middle of any family feuds, but I would like to interject, coming from a patient stand point. I have had pain management in the past. Dr. Heromin truly does care about his patients. Some of his clients may be a little let’s say, undesirable, but where else is there for them to go. The doctor makes it very clear that it is illegal to sell any medications and I heard him tell a young man that he better not find out he was selling his prescription and warned him it could get him life in prison. I myself know that I am subject to urine drop every time I see him. I can only assume that the doctor had some suspicion, but it is not his position to police people or cast judgment on others. My hats off to him to take care of the people that are less fortunate. I had an injury that could have cost upwards to $25,000 to have it operated on. The pain was unbearable at best, most of the time. The doctor treated me for this condition that should very well have taken a specialist (and thousands of dollars) but, after hearing about my recent loss of insurance coverage he would not take anything but a simple thank you for the additional treatment I received. That is a true story, but it may or may not have been during business hours and it may or may not have been at current location or for mentioned locations. I only imply that to try to detour the people that have so many negative things to say about a very fair and giving person/doctor and who seem to be a little sue crazy. Somebody’s cornflakes got pissed in or that was one hell of an expensive tree. Thanks to the doc and all the hard working staff. You should start a blog on the government’s involvement with the pharmaceutical industry and the structuring of laws they pass to allow for an epidemic to sweep the nation. You say “Dr. Heromin is ruining lives?” False. He helps people who ask for it. Don’t be mad at Dr Heromin for people that are as you say “scummy”. He is abiding by laws that were passed without any of his control and I might add just so happens to bring in large revenue for the government. The same people that rubber stamp regulations that are conducive to drug abuse, arrest the people it affects, and while the abusers are punished the money mill just keeps on churning. In the 70’s and 80’s it was cocaine where the money was used for special op’s and allegedly to fund arms to countries at war that the US wanted to help win. They just got smarter and found a way to better regulate. You are mad at the wrong people. Be mad at yourself for paying the taxes and electing the officials that created and was conducive to this environment.

  26. Ryan #1 you an idiot a threat is not punishable by law. Did the police call you back when you you sent them Big Daddys ip addy? No? thats what i thought. Why dont you call 911 and tell them a guy threatened you over a blog on the net and they will proable laugh at you lol. so before you threaten people with incarceration remember the police will not do anything till something actuallty happens to you or your family which i personally hope never does and i really mean that but the things you say about these people if they are above the law as another poster suggested and concidering all those so called junkies know that you live behind the strip mall where the trees where cut now that you started this blog. sounds to me like your bringing problems on yourself. i mean no ill will towards you and your family but be careful because junkies are unpredictable and dangerous. and dont take this as a threat because im not a junkie or a patient but i wouldnt want these people to know where i live while im talking trash and calling people junkies and dealers. because anyone who stands to make money off this is now a danger to your family and if its like people say in this blog there must be alot of money involved and when it comes to money even your governer, pastor of your church, even your own wife can turn against you think what a junkie or a drug dealer may do . just something to think about Ryan.

  27. Also Ryan you tried to take a sentence out of context the pull 1 word out and say someone want to hurt you. WHATEVER are you 4 grow up read the sentence in question again dumbass “i sure hope NO ONE attacks your perfect little family” the word attack can refer to a physical attack but lets look at this sentence again. he didnt say he was going to or even thinking aboutattacking you or you family he said he HOPES NO ONE attacks you or your family. sounds to me like your illiterate and big daddy is hopeing you do not get attacked or harmed mentally or physically like the harm you are so enthused to inflict on others i believe in carma and dont really care if you do or not but remember what comes around goes around. your blog and airing out peoples dirty laundry will cause you to be scrutinized by people who donot know you but wish to destroy your reputaion so if your hiding something from your employer/church/wife/ect i would get prepared because it will come out and dont worry about me because im broke and have limited computer skills and honestly dont care enuff about you to waste the time but others will a little more to think about Ryan

  28. “done with stupid people” I think you’re actually contradicting yourself. You told me I should be worried about what junkies would do to me and my house given it’s obvious where I live. Then you tell me that I shouldn’t worry when someone says something that COULD be interpreted as a physical threat. I don’t think “big daddy” is physically threatening me, but I can’t know that for sure and I didn’t know that when he wrote his original post. To boot, I don’t know who any of you are. For all I know, “big daddy” could be a violent person (not saying he is, but how would I know?). The point is, I AM worried that someone will try something. And that has been my concern from the beginning.

    Why do you think I was so annoyed by people yelling behind my house at 11:00 and 12:00 pm at night? Was it just because I like silence, or was it because they are likely up to no good at that time of night? And why do you think I was annoyed by all of the people showing up behind my house, particularly when they do not appear to be the most upstanding citizens? It’s not that I don’t like lots of people…

    What I haven’t mentioned on here because I cannot tie it directly to Heromin is that my neighbor has found a bunch of drug paraphernalia on his property SINCE Dr. Heromin’s clinic opened there: needles, small baggies, broken pipes, spoons, rubber bands, pill bottles, etc. We have reason to be concerned about the clientèle and what they are doing. Would you want drug users hanging out in your backyard? Seriously, would you? I love how not a single person criticizing me has said that they would want this clinic in their backyard.

    I have a young son and a wife and I don’t want anything to happen to them. So, I’m doing what any concerned father/husband should: I’m trying to get the shady people out of my neighborhood. You can criticize me for that all you’d like, but I’d hope you would do the same.

    Finally, if someone wants to try to “dig up dirt” on me and post it online, they are more than welcome to do so. I can’t stop them. So long as what they post is factual, they have every right to do so. If they post something that is not true and claim that it is, I can sue them. But even if someone were to post online their opinion (as I’ve let so many of the commenters on this post do) that says they think I’m: mean, rude, an asshole, etc., I’ll let that go. That’s perfectly legal. Hypocritical (since you’re criticizing me for saying something truthful about a person I don’t know, but then you do the same), but perfectly legal.

  29. Ryan? Did you purchase your home? was MLK blvd there when you did. i do think so. dont blame me cause you moved your family to the hood where these type of activities take place. its your responsibility to keep your family safe maybe moving to a well know bad part of town isnt very intelligent i live in the country i dont have to deal with those problems. the pipes pill bottles and what not you found could be you neighbors or even your wife stuff for that matter your right you cant connect those things to the Dr number v1 hows a crack pipe fit in the dr. cant prescribe crack to people and you cant smoke narcotic as far as i know so maybe it is you wifes pipe or you friends that live around you how do you know. exactally you dont. and as far as the threat from big daddy how can you say you couldnt tell if he meant real harm to your family when the sentence in question where you claim the threat came from plainly states “I HOPE NO ONE ATTACKS YOUR PERFECT LITTLE FAMILY” NOW ARE YOU STILL STUPID ENUFF TO SAY THAT IS A THREAT LOL LIKE I SAID BEFORE GROWUP. AND YOU NEVER ANSWERED MY QUESTION. WHAT DID THE POLICE TELL YOU WHEN YOU CONTACTED THEM. EXACTLY NOTHING AND THEY WONT UNTILL SOMEONE PHYSICALLY DOES SOMETHING THEN ITS TOO LATE TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY ALL YOU CAN HOPE FOR THEN IS JUSTICE AND GOOD LUCK GETTING THAT IN THIS COUNTRY UNLESS YOUR A MILLIONAIRE. AND ARE THE THE PROFESSER RYAN CRAGUN THAT TEACHES SOCOLOGY AT TAMPA UNIVERSITY I HOPE NOT BECAUSE YOUR NOT VERY SMART. AND I QUESTION YOUR CREDENTAILS OH YEAH AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU ON YOUR HATE BLOG

    1. Do you even read what I write? The drug paraphernalia started when he showed up; stopped when he left. Obviously he doesn’t prescribe it, but the people who go to him use it. My neighbor doesn’t; my wife doesn’t. Ergo, high likelihood he is prescribing drugs to drug addicts. If you can’t read what I actually write and comment intelligently, I’m going to stop letting you comment.

    2. Additionally, in thinking about what you said, I’m really quite appalled. What you’re basically saying with your comment about me living on MLK is: “You don’t live in the very best neighborhood, so you should be fine with drug addicts and drug dealers moving in.” Really? You really think I should be fine with that?

      First, my neighborhood is working to middle class. If you don’t believe me, stop by. Second, that is the most irresponsible, unethical, and atrocious thing I think I’ve ever heard anyone say. It’s elitist and really, really shitty. You really need to rethink your belief system if you think that is acceptable.

  30. FYI, I need to get some work done and the rather ridiculous comments on here accusing me of using drugs and being afraid of being exposed are eating up to much of my time at the moment. I’m closing comments for the next couple of weeks until I have time to deal with this again. Those who have defended Dr. Heromin (without insulting me), props to you. The rest of you who have resorted to name calling, why not use the next two weeks to think through your comments so you can say something useful.

  31. Comments are open again. However, I’m putting some restrictions on them this time around. If you accuse me or anyone in my family or my neighbor of using drugs, I’m deleting your comment. That is a groundless accusation and not helpful. If you make threats, I’ll delete your comment and report you to the police. If you curse, I’ll delete your comment. If this happens multiple times from one IP address, I’ll ban you from my blog permanently.

    In short, my blog; my rules. People can disagree with me or agree with me, but if this doesn’t stay civil, I’ll close the comments again.

  32. Ryan, I just wanted to say that I really appricate you taking the time to write this blog about Tampa Bay Wellness Centre. I was a recent patient of Dr. H when he was at Gulf Coast and had been for almost a year before he up and left all of his patients without even a 2 week notice and left Gulf Coast without a Dr. for a week. Patients were left not knowing what was going on and went without their meds all because the Dr. decided that he would rather work for Tampa Bay Wellness Centre for twice the money. While Dr.H worked at Gulf Coast he was a completely different Dr. He did every thing by the book and never ever was there more then 6 people waiting in his office at one time. Now that he has moved it is a complete joke. I had no choice but to go to Tampa Bay Wellness Centre to see him because he was my Dr and Gulf Coast had noone to replace him and of course he quit on the week when I was supposed to go. I have MS and have a legit reason for going to Pain Mgt unlike the 85% of the people that he has going there.
    Im 33 years old and a female and was literally scared for my life when I went to the office my your home. I feel your emotions on this 100%. I had an appointment for 10am and wasnt seen until 6pm that evening.
    Now they have moved not even 2 blocks down the road and I thought since they had a real office and a nice large building that things would be different but they are so far from different, its a disgrace. I had an appointment at 9am and did not actually see the Dr until 11pm when the nurse came into the waiting room and called 5 peoples names and mine was one of them, little did I know that the Dr was going to be seeing all 5 of us patients at the same time. Yes he took all 5 of us into one exam room and a nurse wrote the scripts and the Dr came in to sign them and then they sent us on our way. Im pissed, hurt, angery and want sumthing do about this. Do you have any idea who I can call about this a report the wrong doing of this office? I need help if anyone has any idea of who you can call to report this kind of unprofessional conduct please fill me in. Im scared to go back there to even pick up my records to go sumwhere else. I dont know where to begin but this has to be addressed. Im fighting for my life and the Dr pulls a stunt like this on me. I didnt leave the office last month until 12:30 which ment I spent 15 1/2 hours there. What kinda Dr’s office does that to its patients? I wish I could file a lawsuit against this place but I wouldnt know how to start or where to begin. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appricated. I cannot believe that I went from going to an office with a great DR that I was in an out within an hour to spending 15 1/2 hours for no damn good reason at all except that they Fernandez group are greedy butt holes who could care less about us patients and only about the money they get for each of us which in one month the office visit went from $125 to $150 by the next month. Nice hun? Like they are not making enough money off of us.

    Any advice would be greatly appricated and i really appricate you blogging about this mess of an office. They should be ashamed of themselves. Im ashamed that I had to go into this place.

  33. Hi upset patient,

    I’m sorry to hear about your terrible experience. That really is sad.

    As far as being able to take action, there are two things you can do. First, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of West Florida:

    I checked and Tampa Bay Wellness Centre does not currently exist on their website. Nor does Ronald J. Heromin. So, if you were to lodge a complaint, you would have to create the record on Tampa Bay Wellness Centre, which means you’d need a phone number and address for them.

    You could also file a complaint with the Florida Department of Health, which manages Doctor Registration and Certification in Florida:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much more that you can do at the moment.

  34. 2123 W Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd is the real location where most of the visits are done, but Heromin is registered at 508 S. Habana Ave., Suite 300, Tampa, FL 33609.

  35. Ryan what is an email where I can contact you directly. I would love to speak with you in regards to this problem and a solution that is on the horizon.


  36. I have to say that this is just out of control. The clinics stays open late to accomidate people just like various other clinics around florida, and probably other states as well. If the noise and people ‘looking over the fence’ were such a situation then the proper way to of handled the situation was to contact the police department. I recently have begain going to this clinic and it bothers me more then anything that people are so close minded. If you were hurt, and needed medication just like those who go to this clinic or others, maybe you would understand better, but until then im sure you and others will continue your close minded comments. And just because someone is either young, or doesnt dress nicely doesnt mean that there is something bad going on at the place in which they are seeing a doctor. Hes actually the best doctore ive ever seen.

  37. there is not much i can say because ‘disgusted’ has pretty much took the words right out of my mouth… i just want to say dr. heromin is a wonderful doctor and i am very thankful for him. I am one of those people who cannot afford health insurance and have chronic pain… all i can say is for those of you bashing the doctor i hope you fall into some sort of financial problem to where you can not afford insurance and are in chronic pain.. what are you going to do when you can’t find a doctor that will prescribe something to help you be able to function almost normally… the reason why any of these people look “run down” or like “junkies” maybe its because they are poor.. they are clearly not drug dealers or they would look nicer probably.. they are only there to survive. so as someone else said… put yourself into someone elses shoes and try to understand how that person may feel.. i am sorry that you had noise troubles and ur poor little f-in trees got cut down… WAAAAHH!!! i would much rather my trees get cut down and have noise complaints then be in chronic pain with no doctor to help treat my pain… thank you dr. heromin for being so caring to your patients… ryan dude… i wish nothing but pain on you for the rest of your life… ur a judgemental asshole!

    You dear need to get a grip. This is a dirty doctor and if you dont like it than I guess you will find your JUNKIE ass another one. I am going to take this son of a bitch down, he will be going to jail soon. If i have anything influence in this with the sherriffs department than all of his “patients” who medically DO NOT have anthong wrong with them will sit next to him in jail. OH WAIT but you all wont have your “fix” now will you. MY SON OVERDOSED BECAUSE OF HIM! So get a grip and get help before you put your own family though hell for being selfish!!!!!!!!

  39. Ryan,

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for your blog here. This son of a bitch prescribed meds to my son. My son just overdosed this week. I am legally going after this scum bag. I have turned him in and I had to go to the hospital to pick up his meds I then brought them straight to the sherrifs department. This son of a bitch will get into trouble and be held accountable for his selfish actions. Nothing is wrong with my son medically. So for the “ever so faithful” adicts of Dr. Heromin— Get help before you put your family through this. I have been in medical for 20 years and never ever seen a “physician” prescribe the amount this asshole does. This asshole ill go to hell.

  40. Angry, I’m so sorry for what happened to your son! As a parent, I can’t imagine the pain you must be going through. I agree that something needs to be done. I hope your efforts are effective.

  41. First off, let me apologize about the lengthy post, I have alot to say about all of this and I hope it helps certain people to look at it from a different perspective. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am only 27 years old, I have a wife and 2 sons, I also own 2 businesses. Due to a work related accident in ’05 (which made me unable to work, thank god I’m smart enough to go into business for myself) followed by a near fatal car accident a year later, I was in so much pain on a daily basis, I was barely get out of bed most days and couldn’t sleep at night, much less take care of my family run my business, play with my sons make love to my wife, you know, all of the things normal people take for granted. I had no health insurance and because of people like you, doctors in my city are scared to death to prescribe pain medication. Instead, they wanted me to undergo a $50,000 spinal surgery that may or may not work, come in once a week for a steroid injection into my back and hips (another $600 a week) among other”alternative” methods meant to ease my pain, none of which are very effective and only work for 1-2% of patients. Doctors here will only prescribe narcotics after you complete all of the methods above and they don’t work, (alot of people in pain cannot afford such procedures because they don’t have insurance or money because they cannot work due to pain, I mean really, who can afford fifty grand for an operation which isn’t even guaranteed to work? Can you Ryan? I didn’t think so) The only relief I got came when I resorted to buying pain medication off of the streets. After living like that for 3 years, I was on the brink of losing everything, my family, my home, my business, MY LIFE. To be honest I had been contemplating suicide. That is until I came across the Tampa Bay Wellness Centre and Dr. Heromin, because of him, I have my life back. I travel 1200 miles each way once a month to see him, but it is well worth it because I can actually live a somewhat normal life now. I don’t really like the idea of taking drugs to achieve those results but that was the only option left, I am the happiest man alive right now, I have my life back!! Narcotic Painkillers were made available to help people like me who are in an unimaginable amount of pain and cannot function on a daily basis. Because of people like you, 99.9% of doctors are afraid to prescribe them to ANYONE, leaving people like me to be trapped in a painful hell. THANK GOD for Dr. Heromin, who knows what it’s like to be in that kind of pain and cares enough about others to stand up against people like you and help those who need it, in my eyes, the man is a saint who gave me my life back. Sure, people who aren’t in pain lie, bring in fake MRIs and other forged documentation to obtain drugs, That is NOT the Doctors fault, some people get over and others get denied (I personally saw the Doc tell at least 12-15 people to leave and not to come back). The Doc cant be blamed for people’s dishonesty, THE MAN WANTS TO HELP PEOPLE, he is a family man and knows how devastating chronic pain can be to every member of the family and how it can tear families and lives apart. The reason for the large crowd of people and the late hours are that people come from all over the country, who are in legitimate pain and can’t get help at home because of the reasons I mentioned above. Unfortunately, that also draws drug seekers too, the Dr can’t do anything about them showing up but you can bet your ass that if they don’t have anything wrong with them, the Doc is going to turn them away. Bottom line, the only thing that Dr. Heromin is guilty of is caring about people, he is the kind of guy that would give his life for a complete stranger, even someone like you that is trying to destroy his life. As far as the comment MICHELLE made about his oath, he is going above and beyond what any other Dr. would do, this is a man that really cares and as far as a Hippocratic oath goes, the man is raising the bar and setting a new standard.

  42. FYI, I’ve now instituted the first ban on this comment thread. “Leave the Good Dr. Alone!!!” posted the above comment, then proceeded to attack other people who had commented in ways that were wholly inappropriate, calling them liars (among other things). I deleted his two follow-up comments because they were inappropriate and he has now been banned from my blog – permanently. Keep the conversation civil, people, or else!

  43. ANGRY, first off let me say that I’m sorry to hear that your son overdosed but I think blaming the Dr. is completely uncalled for, lets take a look at what you said, “MY SON OVERDOSED BECAUSE OF HIM!” that is ridiculous, you can’t be serious. So, in saying that, you mean that the Dr. physically made your son overdose, did he put a gun to your son’s head and make him take the pills? I don’t think so. Now I don’t know your son but it sounds to me like he is a drug addict who went into the clinic with a fictitious tale (similar to “leave the good Dr. alone” legitimate one) and a fake MRI (that is the only way that the Dr. is going to prescribe meds, a sob story isn’t enough) in hopes of getting drugs to support his habit. Being that the Dr. is a compassionate and caring man and believed your son’s lies, he wanted to help him and prescribed him meds. Your son had to be pretty deceitful in order for the Dr. to prescribe him meds because the Dr. is not going to knowingly give out meds to those who don’t need them. For you to blame the Dr. for your son’s problem is completely out of line and I cannot believe that you are serious, really, that just blows my mind. Going after the Dr. is not going to solve the problem. IT IS NOT THE DOCTOR’S FAULT, IT IS YOUR SON’S FAULT! PLEASE, UNDERSTAND THIS!! Even if you get the Dr. shut down (which is doubtful because it’s not his fault and any judge is going to agree) your son is still going to have a drug problem, he is just going to obtain drugs through other means (like drug dealers on the street) he might just quit abusing pain pills altogether and start doing heroin, like many other drug addicts. The Dr. is not the problem here, your son’s addiction is the blame. If you want to help your son, you need to get to the real cause of the problem, you need to check your son into rehab. By attacking the Dr., you aren’t going to help your son, you are only going to hurt the people that truly need his help, it’s not going affect your son at all, he is still going to be an addict and all of the legitimate patients are going to have to go back to their lives of pain. How would you feel knowing that your actions were the cause of several hundred people being forced to live with debilitating pain, not being able to work, care for their families or live normal lives. Dr. Heromin is the last resort for people like me that have tried everything (surgeries, etc.) to no avail. and by the grace of god, found Dr. Heromin and the Tampa Bay Wellness Centre, they gave me my life back!! please, don’t try to take my life away from me, that isn’t right. It’s not the doc’s fault that he was lied to by your son, please, dont take this the wrong way but your son is in the wrong here, he broke the law when he lied to the doc, the Dr. was just trying to help someone who he believed needed his help. Be a good parent and be a good person, leave the Dr. alone, your son’s problems are not his fault, get your son into rehab, please, don’t try to mess things up for those of us that really need the Dr’s help. I know you are upset about your son and you feel like someone needs to take the blame, I think that deep down, you know that the Dr. isn’t at fault, you know your son is to blame, and out of a fit of rage and not thinking clearly, you wrongfully blamed the Dr., thats understandable, you need to get your son the help he needs, get him into rehab, he is going to need your support, you need to be there for him and help him address his problems. For the sake of your son, don’t be in denial about this, if you don’t address your son’s problem, it is only going to get worse.

    P.S. The Dr. has now started doing MRIs on site to prevent people from bringing in fake ones, he will not accept MRIs from anywhere else, he is also going to have all of his follow-up patients get new MRIs on site also, to make sure their original one is accurate. The Dr. really does just want to help people who need him and he is taking more drastic steps to make sure that addicts and drug seekers do not abuse his services. Rest assure that he is doing everything that he can to keep people like that out of his office.

  44. @Let the Voice of Reason Be Heard!!
    “Let the Voice… blah blah” (choose a shorter name!)

    I banned him because he attacked two people, calling them liars and then saying very mean things to and about them. One of those people, Angry Parent, has just had a traumatic experience and doesn’t need to hear that at the moment. If “Leave the Good Dr. Alone” had been nice and civil in his responses, I wouldn’t have banned him. But he wasn’t. He was mean. Ergo, banned.

    And, yes, I used to let people be jerks on here, but that’s precisely why I cut off the comments and then made the note I did that I will ban people if they don’t behave civilly.

    So, let me restate my new policy: You are welcome to disagree with me and to say anything you want about Dr. Heromin and Tampa Bay Wellness. But say it civilly and avoid name calling or you will be banned. Clear enough?

    One more point on me banning “Leave the Good Dr. Alone.” You claim what he said is “true.” “Truth” is often in the eye of the beholder. I have quite a bit of evidence to suggest that what he said is not true. Don’t try to tell me what is or isn’t TRUE about the claims being made here; clearly there are two sides. And what “Leave the Good Dr. Alone” said wasn’t about clarifying the “truth” but rather attacking people. Ergo, banned.

    As for what I’m trying to accomplish… Here’s the funny thing. I wrote my original blog post because I was pissed about my son being woken up and my trees being cut down. That’s primarily it. I’m not happy about the new clientele wandering around my neighborhood, either, but so be it. What it sounds like you’re telling me to do now is to delete this post from my blog because, um, you want me to. FYI, blogs are basically online journals. I’m leaving it up because it is an event that happened to me. I’m not organizing protests. I’m not organizing anything. I wrote a blog post and now I’m allowing people to come comment on it, both for and against, so long as they are civil about it. You really want me to just delete a part of my history because you don’t like it? Um, yeah, not going to happen. This post is staying up forever. It’s my life. It happened to me. All I’m doing is making an event in my life public. If that event happens to paint Dr. Heromin negatively, well, too bad. I’ve been more than kind in letting people who disagree with me comment in response. Those people have belittled me, attacked me, and are now threatening to protest me (um, not sure what you’d protest – free speech????). All because I wrote up an event that happened to me and put it on the internet. If you have a problem with free speech, maybe you need to move to another country – Iran and China both censor the internet.

  45. RYAN, let me start by saying that I know that this is your blog and you have the right to ban or censor anyone you want but based on your previous posts, you seem to be a fair person and value equal rights, is this correct? You banned someone because you said that they “attacked” other people on this post, I wouldn’t call it attacking them, just simply pointing out the fact that not everything they had stated was the truth. I think that when forming an opinion about someone like Dr. Heromin, you should take into consideration all of the good that he does as well as the negative experiences that people have had. That being said, wouldn’t you only want to hear the truth? If someone is making false accusations, wouldn’t you want to know that they were false? That way you could disregard their statements and not let them cloud your judgment. The person you banned was simply presenting facts that proves that another person was not being honest. Wouldn’t you like to formulate your opinion of the Dr. based on facts, rather than a disgruntled person’s untruthful slander?
    You said that you banned that person for “attacking” someone else on this post, right? Then why wasn’t “Angry” banned for attacking “done with stupid people”, what “Angry” said was way worse than what the other person said. If you are not going to let people speak freely, then at least hold everyone to the same standards. Or did you just ban “Leave the good Dr. alone” because what he said was true but contradicted your opinions on the Dr.? If someone intelligently defends the Dr. with true statements, you just ban them because they don’t share the same opinions as you, but no matter how ignorant and untruthful other peoples posts are, as long as they share the same one-sided views as you, that’s cool, they are free to attack whoever and say whatever they want.
    Just so you know, I’m not trying to attack you Ryan, I’m just trying to understand where you are trying to go with all of this, are you trying to be the super hero that brings down the evil doctor? Are you trying to rally people to get behind you so you can go and “picket” this Dr. and try to ruin his life? Well if that happens, I will start a movement to oppose you made up of hundreds people all over who have been given their lives back by the Dr., who can now get out of bed every day and take care of their families because of him. Were you just bored and pissed off that someone cut your trees down, (that was wrong that they did that) but I don’t think it warrants you trying to ruin a good man’s life. In one of your previous posts, you said that you were worried about your son’s safety, let’s get real here, exactly how was your son threatened? Because a car alarm went off? Because someone was talking loud? If you’re worried about those things, maybe you should take your family, and move to Antarctica, where he will be safe from society, and far away from the clutches of the evil Dr. Heromin, lol. I know what it’s like to be a father and want to protect your family but do you not think that this is a little overboard, really? You were pissed about all of this, you went and talked to the staff at the clinic, and what happened, they moved, it sounds like the issue is resolved to me. So, i ask you, Ryan, what exactly are you fighting for? What are you trying to stand up for? Are you just not going to rest until all of who need the doc’s help are back to living with our pain everyday? Are you just not going to be happy until I can’t take care of my family anymore because I’m in so much pain? Seriously man, the just leave the Dr. alone, he isn’t doing anything to hurt you or your family, in fact, if you were in pain like I was, you would be extremely thankful that he is around, because if you had it like I did, you wouldn’t be able to take care of your family like you are now, I promise you that. Sure, addicts and drug seekers are giving the Dr. a bad wrap, but guess what? He is taking drastic measures to get rid of those kind of people at his clinic. What about the hundreds of people that he helps? Not all of us are as fortunate to be pain free like you are and we need his help, he is our last resort and I will stand up for him to the fullest! Really man, he isn’t effecting you in any way, why don’t you just leave him alone and go protest against someone that really deserves it!

  46. @hmmm
    I don’t have a new fence. My old fence was partially moved in a slipshod fashion by someone who clearly doesn’t know how to put up fences. That person was hired by VIP Pharmacy’s owner, who is trying to avoid being sued for cutting down my trees. I’m paying a professional to come fix it because right now it looks terrible. I’m then going to pass the $500 bill for fence repairs on to the owner of VIP Pharmacy. I’m also trying to find trees to replace the ones they cut down without asking me and without a permit. Once I find some, purchase them, and plant them, I’ll also pass that bill onto VIP Pharmacy, as they said they would pay for that. Hopefully they will. If they do, they will avoid being sued for having illegally cut down my trees. They will have righted a wrong and I will be satisfied. But that hasn’t happened yet as it’s taken me months to get estimates to repair my fence, that used to look great but that now looks awful!

  47. Wow! First let me say Ryan you have to me the calmest person I have seen lately. To deal with what is clear to be “altered mental status” patients of Dr. Heromin. Also to correct my statement “You Can’t be Serious” earlier on the list, No, Dr. Heromin did not put a gun to my sons head to make him take the pills. However, “You Can’t be serious” you must have missed somewhere in your PHD class that the MRI’s ordered by Dr. Heromin are ordered through a facility who this “Ever so Straight & Narrow” Dr. Heromin has a hand in the pot also. So for all you Employees and Addicts of Dr. Heromin GET A GRIP. For all those patients who are truly in pain and need help, God Bless you and I hope your pain is eased soon. Also in response to the non-educated “Done With Stupid People” and get this one “Big Daddy Lo” (wow ghetto) listen up- One go to school get an education on the English Language and then try to have a conversation on a public blog. Two- Slander look it up- Bullying Look that up also. Wait you might not know how to use a dictionary (I’, just simply going off the education level of your post) here are the definitions.
    Slander- the act or offense of saying something false or malicious that damages somebody’s reputation.
    Bullying- the process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a more vulnerable situation.
    Assault- a violent physical or verbal attack. Did you know you do not have to touch someone to be charged with assault? Your post above is a perfect example on this.
    Threat of Bodily Harm- an unlawful threat or attempt to do violence or harm to somebody else.
    So get your facts straight and your education under way before you feel the need to complete ALL the acts above. Ryan I personally would in fact press charges since you do have a family and these people need to learn their place in this world. And by the way in case you don’t know where your place is… Look in your own back yard before you start running your mouth.

    It’s sad to think that there are people out there that do need help and it’s the doctors like Dr. Heromin that actually do more harm than good.

  48. First let me say to the person who lost their child I’m truly very sorry for your loss and hope that your family is making it through this tuff time I feel for you ! My daughter is 14 and she lost her mother to herion 2 years ago may 18 so I know what it is like to lose someone to a sickness let’s. Not forget being a junkie,addict etc is a diseas and its not always cut and dry help is hard to come by. As for my name it was given to me by my 4 kids (5,15,14,17). It was actually a joke u know were laughing with u not at u but for some reason it just stuck. as for an education I have been bleesed with street smarts (can survive any where),common sense and can surly use a dictionary. For your loss I suggest grief counseling it has helped us a great deal with our loss. Yes I am a patient and yes my shoulder is blown out and no I don’t have insurance every one here is so smart u give me another option ? surgery who’s paying? If any one feels as if I threatened them feel free to press what ever charges u like good luck . but don’t label me a junkie,addict or call me dirty and expect me not to respond! And that is slandering because none of it is true. I work hard to take of my kids and my wiffie !!

  49. @ Big Daddy Lo- I as well am sorry for your troubles. I am sorry for the comment on your name. No excuse. I am frustrated with the PILL POPPERS, as I am sure you are. Good Luck to you and your family. My Son did survive, however he is paying his price for the law. God Help all who are in need.

  50. I have my whole appointment with this dr on video where there are 5 of us in a room. You all need to see this. Do you mind if I post it on here? If not can I post the video elsewhere and put the link on here?

  51. gatorfan25,

    If you can post the video online somewhere (e.g., youtube or vimeo) then send me the link, I’ll get it up here on the blog.



  52. Gatorfan25- I can’t wait to see this video. Ryan I found his new locations during the day and off. I will be scoping this crap out tonight.

  53. @Angry
    Dr. Ronald Heromin is a great man and has done wonderful thing for his community. I beileve you have the wrong man…..this man is a very out going and honest, person….. You have bashed him enough. When none of this had anything to do with him. He is just a Doctor trying to do his wonderful job for his patitents……the person u should be bashing is the the owner of the facility. Mark the owner….. who is a dirt bag and runs clients through his office like cattle heard. Dr. Heromin doesnt even work for that establisbhment anymore and wants nothing to do with that facility. He replaced my hip and my knee and I went from crippled to being able to walk again. Not just walk, I can run and do things I’ve never done before. Thanks to him.I am begging you to please stop bashing him, and give him the respect that he deserves…….. The only thing you you know of him is that you got his business card from an office of people who were cutting down your tress….

  54. If you have any questions or comments on this wonderful man who has saved my life. Before you place a blog on the web, please THINK ABOUT THE PERSONS,LIFE YOU ARE RUINING……….. This man has done nothing to anyone and would actually HELP you if you were in need…………………………………\

  55. I heard there is suppost to be a news storey today on Tampa bay wellness centre on Martin luther king does any one no about that.

  56. @lost at 28
    So, lost at 28, let me get this straight. What you’re saying is, “There are some places where it’s okay to distribute drugs to addicts and others where it is not. In the country, where “lost at 28″ lives, it’s not. In the city, where Ryan lives, it is.”

    Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? For people who have a moral compass, the correct response would be: There is no location where distributing drugs to addicts is okay.

    To whit, my neighborhood is a decent neighborhood. I’ve never said it’s Bayshore Boulevard. But it’s quiet, with low-crime rates, and populated by working-class to middle-class people. You’re telling me that I’ve given up my right to make my neighborhood a nice place to live because I don’t live where you do? You know what my answer to that is? Screw you and screw your elitist, narcissistic, self-righteous, immoral view of the world! It’s attitudes like yours that lead to racial and class segregation and suburban sprawl and pollution.

    I live in the city so I don’t have to commute for hours to work. I live in the city because I like having neighbors nearby, including neighbors who are: black, Hispanic, Asian, white, etc. I live in the city because I like it, not because I want a drug dealer living behind my house. In fact, I live in the city because I like the background noise of traffic. What I don’t like are people cutting down MY TREES! What I don’t like are scummy doctors giving out drugs willy nilly to drug addicts. And just because I live in a city where that is happening doesn’t mean I have to accept those things. I refuse to. And you telling me I have to because of where I live just pisses me off and makes me want to shut them down even more.

    You need to develop a moral compass, lost at 28, ’cause you’re flat out wrong about me having to put up with this kind of activity in my neighborhood.

  57. I happened accross this blog quite randomly but quickly became very interested in the comments and veiwpoints expressed here. I’ve little experience with the main topic at hand, (the doctors’ legitimacy and ethics behind the contraversial pain clinics, etc) but for the owner of this blog and his family, the area in which your home is located isn’t exactly Mr. Rodgers neighborhood to begin with. It seems to me your poor choice in home location is the real issue, for you anyway. A poor choice to raise children definately with it being near such busy commercial zones. I live in the country and for a very short time I moved out and into a place where I quickly realized I shouldn’t be raising my children. So I moved back into the country. You may be happier moving to a better neighborhood if in fact the reasons for your blog are because of your trees, and noises, etc. But a little part of me sees that you just enjoy the attention and the picking at of others around you. If you have no experience with this dr or the issues behind pain clinics, you have no right to judge. Trust me, I felt the same way just a short time ago. Recently my veiws of the situation have changed due to dramatic incidents in and around my life and family. In a perfect world there would be no chemical dependancy on anything, but alas that will never be the case.

  58. @lost at 28
    “And actually- yes I am glad I live where no “other” people live, I live here because like-minded people live around me. I don’t want to live amungst disrespectful, loud, obnoxius people who beleive “we” owe “them” ……..need I go further?”

    Nope, you don’t need to go further. Your position is clear – you’re a racist and a bigot. I don’t respect racists and bigots and, based on your previous comment, am not at all surprised by this. Ergo, no need to take this discussion further – racists and bigots will receive no respect on my blog.

  59. wow! I tried very hard to come across in a so-called “nice” manner, and I get attacked! For someone who decides free speech and expression is reasoning enough for your blog or statements to be plastered on the internet you sure leave no room for anyone elses’ veiwpoints. Its ok for you and those who pat you on the back but not for those who may look at things differently. Well I got it now- so anyone who dissagrees with RYAN here need not write a comment because your veiws (ie mine) are not welcome.

    And actually- yes I am glad I live where no “other” people live, I live here because like-minded people live around me. I don’t want to live amungst disrespectful, loud, obnoxius people who beleive “we” owe “them” ……..need I go further? Point is: city is city, you are not going to change anything, so if you don’t like it move. That’s all I was saying.
    Pain clinics? I don’t know enough to comment. Neither do you.
    Disney?? OMG!!! It’s geared towards small children to relate to, you think my 6 year old recognizes what enginearing is??? NO they recognize clothes, facial features, and food as ways to discern between themselves and someone who is diffferent. If they made the ride for 30 something jerks like you they may change it, but your purpose is to ride the ride watch your child smile and enjoy the time spent with him/her. You sure do veiw the world negativly don’t you? Do you enjoy anything in life besides of course being the center of attention- you didn’t get loved enough as a child did you? Have to feel big and important…..I bet you got bullied when you were in school. Well stop turning that anger out on everyone else and do some soul searching. This type of behavior isn’t going to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I’m almost afraid to ask- but strangly interested in the answer-what are your veiws on religion? Christianity? this should be interesting…..

  60. btw- I can’t spell and I’m not considering myself an intellectual- so my apologies for grammar and spelling and such. You know what they say about us country folk……

  61. If you had the expeiriances Ive had you’d feel differently: I almost left my husband before marrying him because of his veiws- I felt like you, but things happened that changed my OPINION,,,, which everyone has a right to, don’t they?

    1. Lost at 28… Basically what you’re saying is that you are a “justified racist.” I’m guessing most racists think they are. But it doesn’t change the fact that you are judging an entire segment of the human species on the color of their skin and not on the quality of their character. That is nothing to be proud of and not justifiable. There is no such thing as a justified racist, just bigots.

      FYI, I was nearly mugged by some blacks while living in Costa Rica. As a result, I could hold negative views towards blacks. But I didn’t let one experience with blacks taint my view toward all blacks. I’ve known lots of black people since then who are really, really great people.

      I was nearly shot and run over by Hispanics while living in Costa Rica. I even had my house robbed by Hispanics in Costa Rica. I could hold that against all Hispanics and hate them for it. But I don’t. I know lots of Hispanics who are great people.

      Oh, and I know lots of whites who are total jerks. I guess I could hate my own race because I’ve had bad experiences with whites. Or I could not be a bigot and judge entire groups of people based on my experiences with members of those groups. That is the far more sensible thing to do.

      Oh, and everyone is welcome to an opinion, but some opinions are horrific and those who hold them should be ashamed. You’re welcome to be a racist, but that’s a terrible, terrible thing to be.

  62. Ryan,
    FYI he is now working out of a place called Bayside Pain and Wellness Center located on Memorial Highway in the New 3 story building located on the opposite side of the strip mall.
    Should have seen that place last Friday.

  63. It is easy to comment about how the office looked like on Friday. Like any new business it goes through its growing pains. Before you bash him and his office, answer me this. where you treated with respect? Was the staff courteous to you?
    It is easy to point out all the bad things one sees when looking at a business but most people don’t see the good things that the business provides. Try working in an office like his and let’s see how long you last. It takes a lot of conviction and strength to run a clinic and i don’t think you have any inkling of what you are talking about. Walk a day in my shoes an let’s see how well you do!!
    @Bob a Bowie

  64. Looks like the people who own the clinic are expanding. They have a new location:
    Tampa Total Health
    3825 West Sligh Ave.
    Tampa, FL 33614

  65. The clinic located on Memorial is no longer taking walk in patients. Since this occurred it has been quiet. According to the Dept of Health this location is his main office.
    I can not beleive that these clinics are allowed to operate. They should be regulated much better. Maybe only be allowed to operate out of a hospital. I do feel sorry for people who have legitimate issues and trully need help.

  66. @Anonymous
    A number of people have said that Dr. Heromin is a nice guy. Maybe that’s true. But I don’t believe for a second that he had no idea what he was doing when he signed up for the job. He may be a nice guy, but he was willing to work for this sleazy group of people when he needed money. Nice guy? Maybe. Ethical guy? Highly unlikely (in my opinion)!

    And, yes, I get the point… You all want me to take my website with his name down now that he’s no longer there. Dr. Heromin did what he did. Perhaps this will remind him not to do it again.

  67. @Anonymous
    So you’re saying Dr. Heromin has no responsibility to be careful in handing out prescription drugs? That’s crazy talk! If that’s the case, why have medical doctors at all? I’ll just prescribe myself drugs!

    While I’ve never actually met Dr. Heromin, I’ve had a number of people tell me that his prescriptions are for thousands of pills. That seems a bit excessive to me.

    Finally, if you’d like me to comment about the other people involved in this operation, I’d be happy to do so. But no one is giving me names and the people running the place have done a pretty good job hiding their identities. If you know who is running this thing, please, post their names. I’ll dig into them.

  68. If you have any questions about his new office, why don’t you go in and ask questions? The staff there has been very nice to me and they explained in detail what is going on in the office. You seem hell bent on bashing this doctor and that is not fair. What makes you an expert on these types of clinics and how they should be run? If you really want to have a say in how things are done, I suggest you run for the governorship of Florida!!
    Until then, give the guy a break. If these clinics are as bad as you suggest, then you issue is not really with Dr. Heromin but with the Dept. of Health.

  69. Ryan,
    I understand how you feel about this situation and I just want to give you some information I acquired. The clinic behind your home is not owned by Doctor Heromin –it never was — it is owned by the man who owns the pharmacy next door to the clinic. Dr. Heromin was only the attending physician!! As in any medical practice, the doctor relies on his office staff to weed out the patients that do not have the necessary paperwork to make them legitimate patients. If the doctor is given false information, or information that has been tampered with, how is he going to know?? He is only 1 man with a lot of patients to care for.
    My other point is that, now that Dr. Heromin is no longer there, the clinic still has a lot of undesirables around and in it. That shows that the situation was not due to the doctor in question but is the fault of the people who own the clinic. Go to his new office, talk to him and then you will have a better understanding of this whole issue. I am not saying you are going to feel different but you will come to realize that he is not an enemy and that he id doing his best to help people who actually are in need.
    God Bless you and your family during these hard times!!

  70. I am not asking you to take down your website. I just think that you have chosen the doctor as the object of your anger. He was not the only one in the clinic!! Have you approached anyone in the clinic about all the people in the parking lot, since the doctor has left??
    I have been working in the Healthcare industry for 20 years now and I can tell you–doctors might be the ones to write the scripts but they cannot control what the patients do with them. If patients are doing or selling drugs on the clinic grounds or in your alleyway, approach them. The doctor of the clinic, whoever he or she may be, cannot watch the patients 24 hours a day to make sure they are taking their medications as they should. The patients have a certain responsibility for themselves and I agree with you that they should be held accountable!!

  71. Ok…. For those who are on here TRYING to paint a rainbow of a picture for RONALD HEROMIN (I refuse to call him a doctor) GET A GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This no good drug dealing piece of crap had the balls to say “We’ve been made, so we have to move.” Ok Get a grip people!!!! This piece of crap is a drug dealer and a murderer!!! That’s right you read the black and white correctly! A MURDERER. Anyone who prescribes the amount of meds that this looser does, to a patient that HE referred to his “Friend” for an MRI (which is not a certified radiologist in anyway) and “Tweaks” the diagnosis if a murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heromin is a PERSON a LOW LIFE who prays on the weak. The mobile MRI unit in his parking lot is not certified or licensed for anything…… So all you “People” who want to “Protect” him why don’t you make your deal with the devil now- Because all “Those” kind of people will go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have already taken this case to all levels of all State and Federal. To include but not limited to the FBI(Because its crossed State Lines) DEA, Atty Gen, The Lt. Gov, The Gov. and all local Police Departments. As well as the Federal Abuse Organizations. The FDLE, The ME, and I am still currently working on more. Watch out here I come!!!

  72. Okay, I did a little digging. It looks like Louis Fernandez is the owner of Superior Injury Center, LLC, which, as of February 16, 2010, was doing business at 1943 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, which is where Tampa Bay Wellness Center was located. So it looks like Superior Injury Center, LLC is the holding company for Tampa Bay Wellness Center. I guess what that means is that Dr. Heromin has no moral compass for working there and Louis Fernandez is the one profiting from the business.

  73. I went to this doctor for a while and never did I receive a large number of meds like you are speaking of there is a much larger problem than one doc or one office. uncle sam is the biggest drug dealer of all . Are country is run by pharmaceutical companies has been for years every govt officials who campaign takes money from these companies. Florida is making a lot of money from these clinics and there patients ,
    fast food,hotels,gas stations,airports,rental cars,grocery stores etc. How much taxes does florida collect from all these clinics and doctors has to be billions then what about all the jails and prisons they fill that’s business to , all I’m saying is this sounds like ol jeb and his cohorts who were in office during all this might be a better scape goat . This is all about money for florida , uncle sam , drug companies and anyone else who can get there hand in !

  74. I am not saying that doctors do not have a responsibility to their patients but they cannot be accused of what the patients do with their prescriptions. Each patient has a mind of their own and are going to do what they want with their scripts. As for the number of pills allowed by law, the legal amount is 300 or less a month unless there are extenuating circumstances. I have seen other doctors in Tampa prescribe more than that to their patients. While I was at an interview a few months ago, I saw a girl receive 540 pills from her general practicioner!!!
    That was just for one month. Other doctors prescribe the same amount that Dr. Heromin does and they are not being condemned for it.
    As for Angry’s comment about the doctor being a Murderer, I can’t agree with that. Nobody is forcing these people to take these drugs. Doctors do not stand out on street corners pushing drugs on people. These people are coming in on their own because they want to.
    I also agree that this should be reported to the authorities but if that is what you want to do, don’t go after just one doctor. Petition for stricter rules and guidelines. I am not saying that there are not bad doctors out there but to single this doctor out like that is unfair. There are hundreds of clinics in Tampa that you could scrutinize like you are doing–not just this one doctor. Even if he was to stop practicing medicine, this problem would not go away. !!
    As for Angry saying that Dr. Heromin is not a doctor, all I can say is this. Whether he is a good doctor or not, he did complete his schooling and earned his degree. Until you can boast the same, you have no foot to stand on. He earned his appellation as DOCTOR and your slandering his title is nothing more than envy and ignorance!! As far as the mobile MRI trailer, that does not belong to Dr. Heromin. That trailer belongs to Louis Fernandez and his partners. If you do not have accurate information then you need to stay quiet until you do(that was meant for Angry!!)
    Ryan, as for the names of the owners of the Tampa Wellness Clinic, I will ask around. Anything I find out I will forward to you.

  75. Ryan,
    I would love to talk to you but not on such an open site. Is there a way i can contact you that will be more private???

  76. The legal limit for a doctor to prescribe monthly for oxycodone is 300 or less. Any doctor who prescribes more than that is put on a “watch list” by the DEA. The real problem is not the doctors–it is the drug companies. They produce and push pills that they know are addictive but these companies are not being pushed to produce a medicine that has the desired effect without the addiction. If you think the doctors are making money, then you have no idea how much money these drug companies are making!!

  77. Just about everyone angry named has taken drug money in one way or another which is a shame but its the truth, they are all profiting from this why people are losing and there only answer is jail everyone the docs, the. Clinic owners,addicts any one but the people who really passed the laws that allow all this to happen that just dosnt go over well with me hold the person that wrote a law that allows a doc to write a scrip for a thousand pills that is where the problem started in the senate,congress and govt offices and now the little guy is taking all the heat!

  78. The clinic moved into the office building where I work several months ago. They lasted one week before being evicted. We had people standing in the hallways, in the stairwells, outside the building… Smoking in the building. The people that came to the clinic in general looked homeless. They were dirty, smelly, used foul language and stayed from morning till evening! In less than one day, a building that I previously felt safe in, became a very scary place to work. We were extremely happy when they moved. I cannot imagine having to live next door to this group. For all of those that state the innocent of the physician, just remember it is his name that goes on the scripts of the patients. No matter who owns the clinic, the doctor is the one who is responsible for the patients.

  79. I just lost my 55yr brother from an overdose of all the pills that were prescribed to him!
    When he told me he got 360 oxycodone,percocet,and xanax at a time, I told him there was no way in hell a real Dr would prescribe that many at a time, from what I’m told after his death, he paid $300 to get the RX’s without being seen by the Dr. I found all of his notes on this clinic in his breifcase after he died! As far as I’m concerned, those kind of backdoor Dr’s are murderers, they took my brother away from his 1yr old baby!
    What are they gonna do for him? Or do they not care? The only ones I find that say they’re nice guys are the ones getting the drugs! I have been in healhcare myself, I’m not stupid to all of it! Something has to be done! I’m the one who had to tell his mother,brothers and sister he was gone! We have a hole in our family thanks to them!

  80. I am inspired by your hard work. It may be a small victory but a victory none the less. I live with pain everyday and visited this office on recommendation and proximity to my home. I didn’t get through the door before I knew this place wasn’t for me. Something was wrong with that place. I walked out. I have read many posts that swear by this place. To them I say “shame on you”. If you have ever been to a MD office before than you know that’s not how a MD office is ran. There are no innocent people involved here. The MD, his staff, and these so called patients. I am embarrassed to tell people that I take pain medication at night so I can get a good night sleep being absent of pain for a bit because of the looks I get. I blame that on places like this and people who take advantage of it. It is a form of legal drug dealing. If you are in pain and do need help do it the right way please. And before you say that place was the right way and I don’t know anything, please don’t. You don’t have to be Lieutenant Horatio Caine to figure out that place is a pill mill filled with pill billys. I wanted to see gatorfans video. If that’s not a HIPPA violation than I don’t know what is. Well let me get off my soap box and congratulate you for a well fought fight. Thank you for looking out for our community.

  81. @ryan
    Just to correct some misinformation. Superior Injury Center operated out of 1943 MLK from Dec 2008 to Jan 28th 2010. We moved out of the strip center becuase Haim asked us to and due to the overcrowding of the parking lot and the other tenants were complaining. The owners of VIP Pharmacy decided to open up a clinic in our old spot. I have no idea how they convinced Haim to allow that, but honestly it does not concern me. From what I gather, the clinic where Heromin worked then moved to the facility shown on the news reports. As far as Heromin, I do not know anything about that doctor, I can only go based on what I hear.
    I request that Superior Injury Center is left out of this thread of conversation. We do not operate like Tampa Wellness, our operation is licensed and has been audited by every regulatory agency.
    Thank you.

  82. Hi Luca,

    What you didn’t see in any of my interviews was the quote where Doug Smith asked me “What would you like to see happen to this place?” and I said, “What I don’t want to see happen is for people who have legitimate pain issues to lose the ability to get treatment.” I hope you’re able to get the legitimate treatment you need and I hope my efforts haven’t made that any harder for you.

    And thank you for the congratulations. I’m very excited that they’ve been raided. I hope that means they are gone for good.



  83. I am sure they will be gone from that location, but sad enough they will reopen somewhere else. You have caused me no grief. I was never treated there. As i said earlier I walked in and walked out. I waited on line for 10 minutes or so, thats all it took to realize that place was dirty, and walked out. There are plenty of legit places and MD in Tampa.

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  85. @newhere
    Hi newhere,

    I actually don’t disagree with some of what you’re saying, but I’ll get to that shortly. Where I do want to take issue with your comment is on the point of making it harder for people with legitimate pain needs to get drugs. I don’t believe that is the case. Since the implementation of stricter oversight in Kentucky and Ohio there has not been an outcry about how hard it is for legitimate patients to get drugs. Additionally, the people traveling to Florida to get these drugs aren’t the legitimate patients but rather addicts and dealers. Ergo, cracking down on these clinics isn’t going to hurt the legitimate patients with maybe one exception: the working poor who don’t have insurance and pay cash for their healthcare. Admittedly, the new health plan should help address that problem, but that is the only exception. Otherwise, cracking down simply keeps these drugs out of the hands of addicts and dealers – at least, getting them easy is no longer the case.

    As far as making all drugs legal… I don’t know that making ALL drugs legal is the answer, but making some drugs legal may help. The only reason I’m hesitant to say that all drugs should be made legal is because people are remarkably uneducated as it is. Drugs are complicated. We need experts to inform us about them, their interactions, and their side effects. If we made them all over the counter, there would be a lot more deaths, many out of ignorance. That doesn’t seem like much of a solution. But, yes, the addicts and dealers are still going to do what they can to get drugs. I don’t have a solution for that problem, but I don’t think the answer is a free for all wild west.

  86. Just to say…all you people blaming Dr. Ron Heromin and the pain clinic and calling them murderers, etc… FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO. Pain managment is crucial for many people to live their lives, yes there will always be people who slip through the cracks (drug seekers) but you will NEVER stop that. The U.S. has spent how many billion dollars on the drug war? Yet you can still find any drug in any major city. People like to get intoxicated, this will never stop. By bringing all this drama on pain clinics it will be much harder for people who need meds to get them. Also, the addicts will not just “disapear”, they are still going to need their fix, and now they will be giving their money to the dope boy on the corner who has a Glock in his pants and will killl you if you cross him. I don’t think these clinics provide the same threat and that while yes there are problems, this is the lesser of the evils. No one makes anyone take these pills, people SEEK them out, therefore any deaths are their own fault. Perhaps they should have edjucated themselves on what pills they were putting into their own bodies instead of being stupid, overdosing, and then having their families blame where the pills came from. The real solution to this problem is to legalize ALL drugs and make them all over the counter so that they are easily affortable and people know exactly the strength and purity of what they are getting. Yes, there will people who abuse (like with alcohol) but if properly edjucated and possesing just a bit of self control drugs would not be such an issue. You smoke a joint on your own time WHO CARES, you shoot dope on your own time WHO CARES, as long as you dont hurt another human they are all victimless crimes and it is rediculous to think that a governemnt will tell people what substances are appropriate for them to use and which are not. Sorry for the poor spelling and grammer, I am in a rush and just wanted to get my .02 in.

  87. Ryan,
    There has been an outcry from out of state patients who can’t get meds. Yes, there are some who are after the narcotics but believe it or not people come from other states to deal with legitimate pain issues because laws have gotten so draconian in other states. Legitimate pain users have also been known to sell pills on the black market when in need of cash. It is just as easy for an addict to get their fix with or without a clinic, there are certain areas in Tampa you can walk down the street and be offered heroin, oxy, coke, crack, weed, whatever you want, it is very easy to find.
    All of this drama is completley unnecessary and pointless, would you rather this money coming into florida or would you rather the addicts get their fix from the gangmember in the hood?
    Yes, I can imagine it might have been a bit annoying to live next to but you live right off MLK, noise should be understood and expected in that area. The current drug war is worthless. If people were for example made to take certain classes and obtain a liscence to use drugs, why not? Just like taking a concealed weapons course to carry a firearm, this is a great responsibilty. However, if people are taught about the potential side effects, interactions, and all opiates are a very safe class of drugs. The only danger is of addiction or overdose which can both be prevented with proper education. Pills cost pennies to produce, imagine if an addict could get their fix for 25 cents there would be much less crime and lives ruined over drugs, people would be able to use safley, be able to afford to maintain a habit, and become productive citizens because they do not need to hustle up a 20 dollar bill to buy a fix. The harder it is for the addicts to get the pills the more crimes that will be commited in order to fund their addictions.
    Live and let live, as long as they aren’t hurting you, butt out! Basically, educated drug use where it is cheap and readily avilable in my opinion is a much better option than what is currently going on. Anyways, I’m rambling, school tomorrow, goodnight all.

  88. @newhere
    newhere, you’ll have to provide evidence of this “outcry”. I’m a scientist. Unless you can show me through newspaper articles or peer-reviewed evidence, I won’t believe the crackdowns have hurt any legitimate patients. In fact, I found a peer-reviewed article today that talked about the Oxycontin problem in Kentucky in the 1980s. There was no outcry after they cracked down. So, I’m not buying it. Bring me some evidence.

    Second point – would I rather the money come into Florida? Well, if Tampa Bay Wellness is any indication, they weren’t reporting the income to the government anyway. So, take your pick: drug dealer on the street not paying taxes or pain management clinics dealing in cash not paying taxes. Tax revenue isn’t going to sell me on this. So, that argument doesn’t work either.

    Third point – you can find this easily. Maybe you know where to find it. I don’t. I’m not looking. So, maybe it is easy. If so, I don’t know.

    Fourth point – I should put up with drug addicts and drug dealers because I live near MLK. See my response above to this point. Basically, you’re saying I should put up with it because I don’t live in the best neighborhood. My response before and my response now – go screw yourself! It doesn’t belong here or anywhere. It’s illegal. It’s not car noise. It’s crime. And I refuse to allow it in my neighborhood because I live in the city. We didn’t have issues before the clinic and now that it’s shut down, we don’t have issues now. Ergo, no, I will not put up with it and screw you for even suggesting that I should. Don’t bring that point up again, ’cause it won’t get you anywhere!

    Fifth point – you really think people taking classes on drugs is the answer? Less than 80% of Americans graduate from high school now as it is (less than 50% in some neighborhoods). We’re remarkably ignorant on a lot of things (e.g., science, evolution, politics, math, etc.). And you think we can teach everyone to become pharmacists with a class or two. If we could, I’d agree with it. But the reality is that we cannot. Ergo, this argument falls flat too. You’re not dealing with reality on this point.

    I love your comparison on this point – firearms. There are over 10,000 deaths every year in the U.S. due to firearms. Obviously people don’t use them correctly – or maybe they do. Firearms are designed to shoot things and kill things. Ergo, having them legal makes it easy to kill stuff, including people. If we legalize drugs that can kill people, do you think it will be any different? In other words, your comparison to firearms undermines your own argument.

    I will say I agree with you on one point – addicts would be less likely to rob people if they could get their fix for cheap. That’s probably true. But they still wouldn’t have any money – they are addicts. So, how are they going to get the little money they need? Unless you want the government to provide their drugs, I don’t think this will work either.

    Trust me, newhere, I’d love to see relatively harmless drugs like marijuana legalized. It doesn’t make much sense to make that illegal when it’s virtually impossible to overdose on it and the only side effect is that you feel happy. But I’m not sold only legalizing Oxycontin for over-the-counter distribution. The negatives don’t outweight the positive and your arguments aren’t convincing me otherwise.

  89. This whole ordeal has hurt me plenty I have back pain due to a car accident and I found a place that will give me the medication that I need to take not to sell and i finally save up enough money to get it but they won’t take an old mri I spent my last $300 on a mri from the trailer out back and since this raid I can’t even find out where my medical records are or who read my mri. I feel this crackdown has directly hurt me I am out my last 300 I can’t get my records and now can’t afford another mri or prescription and I have never broken any law. It may not seem like such a lofty problem such as health care reform, DEA investigations, or political kickbacks from pill manufacturers but this does hurt the individual patient. If anyone has any information on the GE mobile MRI that was out back please post it.

    1. frustrateundermedicated,

      I’m sorry that you’re being negatively affected by this. But I think your case perfectly illustrates the problem here. Tampa Bay Wellness Center was clearly not “legitimate.” If they were, you wouldn’t be in this situation. If they were legitimate, they would not have been raided. And, you’d still have your MRIs. They also clearly didn’t track medical records as they just cared about the money, not the patients.

      I hate to use your case to illustrate the problems with these illegitimate pain clinics, but that’s exactly what has happened. The few legitimate patients they had are now screwed.

  90. The truck was apparently part of “Macron Medical Technologies,” 2129 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., another property owned and operated by Mark Fernandez (like Tampa Bay Wellness Center and VIP Pharmacy) and another property “raided,” as told in the news reports, and shut down by the DEA. If you needed to acquire your MRI from this location in order to procure medication, you most likely do not need such medications, and your health would truly be best served by staying away from them. The MRI unit was well-known for making certain adjustments to results, allowing the staff inside to prescribe massive amounts of Schedule II narcotics to all comers. Macron Medical Technologies does not offer any correlative imagery whatsoever to authenticate their MRI process to actual professionals.

    Your results may never have been physically produced, depending on the timing, or perhaps they are in an evidence locker somewhere. Either way, I would not anticipate recouping your $300 loss. Maybe you should contact TPD about the matter. If you are truly in need of treatment, please, seek out a professional doctor who will actually engage you in your care, and not a pill mill. My last visit to Tampa Bay Wellness Center did not even actually include a doctors’ visit. I was handed prescriptions written out by a doctor whom I have never met. That was my last visit to the clinic–I had originally sought open-mindedness, not sleaziness. If you have proper documentation and a clean criminal record, dealing with that kind of dirt is completely unnecessary. Since then I have found a wonderful, clean doctor who is intent on keeping me healthy with as little cost to my wallet and body as possible. If your “old” MRI indicates a serious, painful condition, most LEGITIMATE doctors will accept that for the first visit. When you go to a place like Tampa Bay Wellness Center, you get sent to the truck. Seriously people, how many Ph.D.-level professionals do you know that choose to work out of semis? Use your brains, please.

    When you are willing to engage in the fraud, price gouging, and wait-times associated with treatment at Tampa Bay Wellness Center in order to receive narcotic prescriptions, it opens a very simple psychological interpretation of drug-seeking behavior. The prescriptions that came out of that facility went far, far above and beyond most individuals’ pain management needs, even among opiod-tolerant individuals. If you are a legitimate patient for pain management, please, help advance the interests of others in your boat and the interests of your own well-being by seeing a doctor who actually has a role to play in your treatment and whose goal is to help you live a life free of pain and addiction. If you do not need pain management, please, for the sake of your own health and for the health of those who DO suffer from severe pain, do not allow yourself to become an addict at the hands of money-grubbing fiends like these. You do yourself, the system, and most of all those who suffer a great disservice. If you are not suffering, if you are not abusing, and if you are not selling, how exactly can oxycodone/OxyContin make your life better? The short answer is that it can’t.

    1. HenryTudor,

      Thanks for the well-written comment.

      Any suggestions for legitimate doctors people like “frustrateundermedicated” can visit?”

  91. I highly recommend Dr. VanDercar on Fletcher Avenue. He is highly qualified and formerly ran pain management at Tampa General Hospital. The website for his clinic is at . Furthermore, the first visit is only $125, much less than many other clinics (most charge $250-$300, cash only, for the initial visit). I have heard that Tampa Pain Relief on Habana is also a quality clinic but I know much less about it. Shiloh Medical Group on North Dale Mabry run a very nice clinic as well. Each of these locations do a requisite urinary analysis on new patients, a practice which was conveniently lacking at Tampa Bay Wellness Center.

    There are other options all over Tampa. If you truly need pain management, invest some time in yourself and do some research. As I stated earlier, your doctor’s concern should be to keep your life free of pain AND addiction; they are not mutually exclusive. If a doctor isn’t concerned about the tolerance and dependence dimensions of pain management, they simply aren’t doing their job.

  92. ur mri was sent to a place called bayview radiology thats where my friend got hers from so i would try that sorry u had to loose so much money my friend did too and she has cancer of the stomache but now she goes to a cancer ceter so thins worked out 4 her@frustrateundermedicated

  93. I never thought the corruption was that substantial I could tell by my visit to the property that it seemed some people were there strictly to abuse the system. However when I looked around I saw mostly people that looked like they themselves fell into the same trap many others from all stations of life have, becoming addicted to a substance that was prescribed to you by a Doctor. I thank those who left the comments about my situation for there suggestions and hope to face my own personal demons. It just troubles me that after reading some of the comments left on this blog that so many would not only lack the compassion for people struggling with there addiction but go as far to judge them. I am not the most christian person in the world but I heard somewhere that only God should judge so I would encourage anyone pointing any fingers at Doctors, Nurses, politicians, the people who run that clinic, the patients, or even those who it seems are abusing the system that we all have our vices and our imperfections and time spent arguing over others choices in life is probably better spent on self examination. I will still hold to the hope that this place wasn’t 100% fraudulant and someone can give me the name of a doctor that was reading these MRI’s especially since it seems that only 1 person was arrested.

  94. There are a lot of rogue pain clinics out there. Some doctors are in financial problems and will lower their standard to make quick money. A lot of investors are opening pain clinics. This people are not medical professional and their motivation is money not ethics. My advise is to research the clinic and the owners and make sure that they are medical professionals. Check the department of health website and make sure that the doctor has no disciplinary issues or been to a drug treatment program. I will suggest to you to see Dr Luis Merced at 11531 N. 56th St, Temple Terrace, Phone number 813-549-7465. Their initial visit is $100 with coupon. They do not take out of state patients. You may also try Dr Vandecar on Fletcher. Good Luck.

  95. @big daddy lo
    I hate to admit it, big daddy lo, but you have a point. One arrest out of the raid seems quite underwhelming. And it seems like now that the place is shut down (more likely just moved somewhere else), the media hype is gone and nothing is going to come of this. I have heard from various sources that more arrests may be forthcoming as it takes time to build these cases, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Until then, the impression you get is that maybe, just maybe, Tampa Bay Wellness Centre, VIP Pharmacy, and Macron Medical were all working within the law. I’d hate to think that’s the case, but maybe it’s true. If so, the law definitely needs to be changed.

    Oh, and big daddy lo, I haven’t been reimbursed for my destroyed trees or fence. I’d sure like to be, but ever since the raid, no one has wanted to talk to me about it. I guess now that the money isn’t flowing in, no one is willing to pay for the damage done to my property. But I will say this – things are a lot more quite around here, like they used to be. And, yes, Toren can sleep again at night. Are you suggesting that’s a bad thing?

  96. They made a big stink like they made some huge bust but only one person got arrested out of these three locations and he is not the owner or doc so if there was some big illegal drug dealing going on how come no one was arrested everyone keeps saying they got videos and the dea was watching the place there’s this blog but some how the fernandez fam and heromin are still out and probably operating so all the tv hype is just that hype make the public think there tax dollars are hard at work when really the cops are pissin in the wind selling the public some super hero image and really aint doing shit but hey as long as ryan gets his trees fixed and toren can sleep its all good. Just seems funny no major arrests those agents wasted all that time and money and arrested one guy from vip great job boys in blue what an impact!!

  97. Big Daddy Lo- They are not even close to being done. We have all worked so hard on this, and take it from me, as I am personally involved. This will not stop until all is arrested. The arresting procedure has many steps, but the prosecuting steps are more and more detailed if we want these charges to carry any weight when the time for sentencing comes. Dr. Ronald Heromin, the VIP staff or Marc and his entire family (all the medical and office staff at 2137) are not the only ones being looked at. This is a mulit county investigation.

  98. @frustrateundermedicated

  99. ???? Heromin get him??? Get Who? Are you threating someone? If so grow some balls and says what you want…

  100. Heromin is working out of a semi that way he should be locked up and his lisence removed !!!!! ????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Hello I have some information for those of you that were going to Dr. Heroin in tampa he has moved to Hope for Life Wellness Center in Miami fla 6095 NW 72nd Avee Miami fl 33166 305-885-1723 hopeforlifewellness@yahoo.com..I was reffered by a friend to gothere and they took my money 300.00 first visit and accused me of being an IV drug user because I have scars on my arms froma biopsy. They were going to write me 275 oxycodones, 120 15mg oxycodoes and 120 dilated and 90 2mg zanex..yes more meds than I have ever had in my entire life…but…since my scars they told me to bring my records from the hospital where I had my biopsy to prove my scars from IV’s and biopsy’s and i did so….they still took my money and did not write me anything..I have lupus and I am in alot of pain and very upset that I did not get my money back..now they want a psciatric evaluation and letter stating I can take pain meds I have never used IV drug use and I offered to take a drug test this was bullshit and people are coming in stating they they buy drugs on the street and get their perscription but me who had legitimate problems and reasons well they just took my money I wish I knew how to report this doctor..anyone who can give me advice please help…. thank you heather

    1. Heather, there are people to whom you can complain. You can file a complaint with the Florida Department of Health: . You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in your area. And you can call the local police and tell them what happened.

  102. @HenryTudor
    Dr. Vandecar is great yes,but you don’t know what your saying.Please get professional advice before trying to give it out like it is.My first visit there once they realized I was legitimte and needed pain meds to better my life,they told me”opiod-pain meds WILL make you dependent.Just like a diabetic takes insulin because they need/have to have to function,they depend on insulin and their diet.It’s similar(and there are numerous other examples).In essence once started you will depend on your meds,and have to watch how you live and take care of yourself,etc.”

  103. Dr.Heromin has not got out of anything a lot of his script pads were stolen by the fernandez family and mark beltran the fernandez’s have already been arrested for all that illegal crap they were doing 1 of those was writing out and signing scripts for themselves and patients and (any female who gave lil louie oral sex in the bathroom at both tampa bay wellness center and superior injury clinic which has also been raided and shut down) the fernandez’s had their houses, cars, etc seized b/c it was bought w/ all the money they made illegally they caught mark beltran at the airport trying to run w/ a bag full of a few million $ dr. heromin is a state witness against them that is how he got out of some of his trouble but dea is on his ass and he has been arrested more than once in miami and he may not be in jail right now but eventually he’ll have his day in court no charges have been dropped against him its just a process it took them months to finally make the arrests on mark beltran and the fernandez family n others involved, and trust if heromin is still working as a doctor in a pain clinic he’s doing it for the state to help them take down other clinics and get himself out of town i know for a fact because he approached me and my ex about opening a clinic w/ him before he left for miami and he was all apologies for helping the fernandez family rob us and calling me slut and what ever other nasty crap came out of that discusting man’s mouth he wanted us to put things in our name trust him again just so he could bring heat down on us for illegal stuff he would actually be doing he is just setting clinics up to try and save his own ass but hes not out of and isnt going to get out of the trouble hes in thats a fact its just a process aside the fact the dea is trying to use him as much as they can. anybody who goes to dr. heromin is just begging to be arrested

  104. So, I have been reading this blog for months now. Mostly because members of my family see Dr. Heromin. At first I was worried, but after some conversation and research I have realized there are much worse places my family could be going. Both are drug tested and questioned each visit. Both have legitimate illnesses and honestly need this medication. They are not over medicated by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, they recieve less medication form Dr. Heromin than they were at their previous clinics. I know this to be true because I asked them to show me their bottles. I don’t know if everyone here understands how lupus and severe arthritis works, but it’s not easy. Everyone can complain about this and that, but the truth is not everything in life works how we wish it would. Sure some places seem like places we would not ever be caught, but just because one is seen there does not mean one wishes to be seen there. I know how the “pill mills” work and honestly despise it. In the long run it is going to cost a lot of good people said medication. That is just the long and the short of it. Sure a lot of people are obtaining medication illegally, however I just don’t feel Dr. Heromin would ever be involed. He is just honestly to strict.

  105. My husband and I are FL residents and were referred to Dr. Heromin from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL. My husband became a patient of Dr. Heromin and underwent a right knee replacement at Englewood Community Hospital, Englewood, FL. He monitored my husband for quite awhile and then I needed a bi-lateral knee replacement the end of August 2002. He performed an excellent job I thought, had six weeks of physical therapy at home and progressed well. I was back to volunteering at the hospital post-op of 8 weeks. Unfortunately while I was at the hospital working he was brought in by ambulance in critical condition due to an automobile accident. I was his fault. He did return to his office and the hospital shortly but to our knowledge was popping pain killers. I used to see him walking down the hospital corridors slumped sideways. His voice was slurred but still he understood my asking him a question. I had tripped and fallen in the Town Center Mall, fractured my right wrist and fortunately the cast was set well. Dr. Heromin had a Physician Assistant working with him by the name of Mark Winer. The two of them worked together for quite a few years. Mark suffered a close call in an automobile accident and was in the Intensive Care Unit for one week and I of course working with this department did not know he was a patient there. He came through his physical therapy, Dr. Heromin wanted him back to work right away and Mark decided to call it quits and is now working wherever he is needed. I believe he is working out of Ft. Myers, FL. He is a good friend of ours as he was in surgery during my procedure. Dr. Heromin in our opinion is a very intelligent surgeon and I was shocked to see what has happened to this man. Our hearts go out to him as he was not only our physician-surgeon but a good friend at the time. We are so sorry.

    Mel & Mary Ann – Port Charlotte, FL

  106. I used to see Dr.H in Miami and I had to go to Indiana because my Grandmother had Lung cancer and Hospice had to come in to her home because she was in he last stage of her life.In the meantime I had to be gone and missed my appointment with Dr.H whom has been a family friend for many years before I ever began to see him for my MS. So I call to make an appointment and they tell me he is no longer with them. Now what happened in the one month that I was gone that now my Dr. is now gone again. Whats going on with him? Does anyone know?

  107. This is just an fyi for anyone that is reading this blog since I just came across it. First of all, do not trust anything on this blog as to who you need to go and see. The first person you should go and see for a pain management clinic is you PHARMACIST. I really don’t care what anywone else says and I’ll give you a good reason why. The pharmacist is the one who is going to fill the medication, so if you go to someone that they don’t trust, you just wasted your money. After that, you check with your primary physician for a referral. When the two of these people are in agreement, then you have a great situation. Next, know your situation and medications. Check out http://www.guideline.gov for your disease state and how it’s supposed to be treated. Pain is pain, but not all pain is the same and not all of it is treated the same. Every time you’re given a medication, your physician should give you a reason why it’s being used, how to take it, what to expect from it, and how long you are supposed to be on it. If it’s an accident that is causing your pain, it’s supposed to get better so you get off of it. Goals need to be established at the beginning and followed through out. Pain scales are the last thing that your dr should be asking you. Red flags for any pharmacist are the standard coctail of roxicodone 15 or 30mg, xanax 2mg, and soma 350mg. If this is your coctail, then you’re going to have problems filling it. If you are on this combo, then talk to your doctor about changing your treatment. If they have issues with that, then you’re not with a valid doctor. There are no studies that show that a muscle relaxer (soma) is warranted for more than 2-3 weeks. This is a temporary medication whose only use is to continue to fuel addiction so get off of it. Even the non addictive ones should only be used short term as there is no medical proof (ie. journals, case reports, or studies) that using it beyond those 2-3 weeks shows any additional improvement. Xanax was also supposed to be a temporary medication. Actually, your SSRI’s like zoloft, celexa, and paxil are better for anxiety than xanax is, especially because it’s once a day as a preventative for anxiety and not a reflex medication plus it’s a lot cheaper and has no addictive or abuse qualities. And now on to roxicodone. If you ever hit a strength of 30 mg you’re always going to be looked upon with scrutiny. This medication was only created to deal with the pain related to cancer. If you don’t have cancer or some other inoperable disease that is terminal, then why were you started on anything other than percocet 5/325? The combination with the tylenol decreases the amount of oxycodone that is needed to produce the same effect. Check with any emergency room doctor and they’ll tell you that they don’t prescribe anything more than the percocet 5/325 for someone that just broke a bone. I’m not saying that you’re a drug addict because you’re on roxicodone 30mg. I’m saying that you’ve been given the medication and your body has become accustomed to it being there so you’ve become dependant/reliant upon it being around. If you’re taking more than 4 per day for sure, you’re not being treated appropriately. The medication lasts 4 hours in the body. That’s 16 of the 24 hours in the day. You are supposed to have a period where you are off the medication because if you aren’t, you don’t know that you’re in pain and don’t think that anything needs to be addressed. Pain is the body’s way of saying that something needs to be fixed so help me. By taking these medications, you’re just masking it and ignoring it and it will never get better. Any doctor that deals with this medication knows (or should I say should know) that when you change the medication to a different one, you start off by converting it to the equivelant dose of the new medication and then cut the dosage in HALF. This is because your body will compensate for it and you’ll be down to a lot less medication than before. Can you believe it? Taking a lot less medication and having the same effect. OMG, WTF? Why didn’t my doctor tell me this? If they haven’t tried to get you to a different medication or strength or extended release form, etc., then they’re only in it for the money. There are clinics out there that don’t even prescribe oxycodone for pain. And their patients do very well without it because it’s never a required medication. Until you fix the problem, it’s never going to go away. This medication was intended for the problems that cannot be fixed, like inoperable cancer. If you’ve read this far, then congrats. Now, I want to ask you the question “What are you doing to make yourself feel less pain?” The opioids do one thing and that is to fake the brain into thinking that you aren’t hurt by not letting the signal get to the brain. If you don’t fix the problem, then yeah, you’re always going to be on it. 90+% of low back pain will resolve within 30 to 60 days as long as you continue to use it. If you don’t use it, then it will atrophy (break down) and will become more painful. Anyone who has pain and doesn’t go for physical therapy plus other aid in helping their pain because their doctor doesn’t tell them to needs to find a new doctor. Oh, and if you smoke, then stop NOW. If you smoke while taking the pain medications, it’s an inhibitor which means that your body won’t be using what you get to it’s full extent which also will keep increasing your dosage AND, it causes the body more pain too. And, if your pain management clinic doesn’t drug test and doesn’t have a pain contract, then it’s not worth paying for your appointment. Those clinics and physicians that are most trusted do all of the above at a minimum in addition to a manditory physical exam at each visit. The other very important thing about filling a prescription for any of these doctors is that they are local. I don’t have a reason to fill a prescription for someone who lives in ohio or kentucky, nor do I have a reason to fill for a doctor 50 miles away from me. If you’ve come this far from your doctor, it means that you’ve checked everyone in between there and me and have been turned away at all those places. Why do you think that I’ll do it when they wouldn’t ? And as for the offices that were discussed in this thread, I will say that I don’t fill prescriptions for the silly shiloh group, john mubang, quality care medical clinic, superior medical, bartlet/brad storey or any office he’s associated with, heromin, padgets clinic, and many others. I hope that this helped.

  108. In reading this BLOG I find a whole lot of people that are doing nothing more than inhance the state of florida to continue to force 85% of our pharmacies in florida to rase the cost of these meds furthermore to the point where if you are not selling ,diverting in some way that it is nearly impossable for one to afford without INS. ? I find that the same meds ,strenth and quantiy several states away for far less than the outrages prices florida pharmacies are charging? Don’t these guys make plenty of money allready ? and WHO’s side are they on refusing to accept ins to fill certain meds ? Who’s really behind this conspearacy seams like our local goverments forceing the hands of our pharmacies too me? Whats your opinon ?

  109. @Angry
    why not worry about your own life and stay out of everyone else business. I mean some of us actually have chronic pain and cannot walk without our meds Why is it fair that I have to hurt and cannot afford these big time drs and when i found someone to help me you and the same trashy people like yourself had to take it upon yourself to poke and poke and cause problems When I get up and drag myself to the bathroom I think about people like you that cant mind your own business and keep that damn nose out of another persons life I guess you’re bored and actually have no life but one day I hope you feel the same shame I do because of a physical condition I was born with that you know how the pain is so bad that you honestly black out and have seizures I hope you know what it is to not be able to walk and be looked at like a circus act and hurt so bad that you feel like ending it all. You only think you know the answers to these problems yes that do occur but not all of us are abusing pain meds by selling them or whatever else they do. I desparately hope you feel my pain one day and if there is a god in heaven, you will be judged for the ugly soul you have without heart and compassion for another person’s feelings. I hope you feel the same hate I feel for you and those like you that cant keep yourself out of others affairs and I really wish the same despair you and your twisted kind have caused me.

  110. @Pharmacist
    To Pharmacist: Hope you get notified of my comment. You make so much sense, feel like I’m finally reading a post from someone who knows what they’re talking about! I am severely disabled and, like many patients in FL, have been referred out to “pain management” by both my primary and specialists because of the limitations on prescribing controlled substances. I am so naive-have been completely blindsided by this, don’t search online, didn’t even know there was such an enormous problem until I read about it in the Herald.

    I’m hoping you could guide me to find the following information: Is there any way to find out which pain management centers are flagged by the pharmaceutical industry? You mentioned several you won’t fill for–(there are some legitimate doctors, right?) I’m guessing it’s up to the pharmacy, but surely the large retail stores have some way of tracking this? I’ve had my medication filled by CVS for 7 years, prescribed by my primary and now, with one month’s supply left, I really don’t know how to proceed. I feel like such a fool having gotten into this mess, I had never heard of Oxycontin or oxycodone before my doctor prescribed it! None of the pain management centers I’ve found so far take insurance, but they assure me that my CVS will fill there prescriptions—any advice you may provide would be most helpful – afraid to post my email online so will check back for your response (or anyone else, especially a professional in the business or a true chronic pain patient who has found a legitimate doctor who knows what he/she is doing and you could share this information — I’m in Miami/S.E. Broward, cannot drive, have to rely on family for transportation. thank you, will be watching for a response…

  111. I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this blog anymore, but it will likely please many of you, including Ryan, to know that Ronald Heromin was finally arrested by the DEA on October 29th.

  112. No problem. It is also worth noting that the Florida Board of Medicine still has not suspended his license to practice medicine in the state of Florida. Even though he is in federal custody, I am still seeing his “prescriptions” (written both before and after his arrest) coming into the pharmacy where I work.

  113. Ugh. I can’t believe they let him out. The DEA website is of no use to other healthcare professionals because I have yet to see anyplace there where one can determine if a doctor’s DEA number is still valid or under some sort of restriction. The Florida Department of Health has a nice, easy-to-use website on which one can look up the Florida license for all sorts of healthcare professionals. As a pharmacist, when I get a prescription, I look up the doctor’s license on that website. If his or her license is clear and active, I usually will just go ahead and fill the prescription unless there is some problem with the prescription itself. The Florida Board of Medicine can easily get the evidence it needs to suspend Heromin’s Florida medical license. They periodically perform routine checks of every medical office in the state. Since the pill mill crackdown has begun, they have been heavily scrutinizing patient records during these routine checks. They will issue an emergency suspension order for a doctor’s license if they see that the doctor is prescribing narcotics without performing the proper physical examination/laboratory tests on the patient. Soon after Heromin was arrested, the Florida Board of Medicine suspended the medical license of Ramiro Abaunza, a doctor whom had shared an office with Heromin at the Hope for Life Wellness Center, for that very reason. Incidentally, Heromin left that office within the last 8 months or so and set up his own office called the St. Mary’s Medical Institute also in Miami. I have found the Hope for Life Wellness Center as a registered pain management clinic on the Florida Department of Health website, but I have been unable to find the St. Mary’s Medical Institute on there at all. Heromin also stopped seeing out-of-state patients, but I think that a doctor in Miami seeing patients from Pensacola might as well be seeing patients from out-of-state. I hope the DEA has the evidence it needs to convict him and put him away when this case goes to trial. However, even if they don’t, I am never filling a prescription, regardless of medication, written by Heromin ever again.

    1. Yeah, I’m amazed he is still practicing. Oversight of medical doctors in Florida is really quite disturbing.

      Thank you for the insights!

  114. Dr. Heromin did surgery on both my knees in 2003. I never met him until right before surgery. He repaired both knees & the surgery went well although he advised I needed knee replacement both knees and that I have severe osteoarthritis. I’ve been dealing with the pain of the arthritis since that time & have put the replacement surgery on hold. Today I have severe pain in the left knee & can barely walk on it & so decided to see if he was still in the Englewood, Fl, area. It was really shocking to read all of this info. about him. I did find his web page & see that he now has a business in Tennessee. Wow!!

    1. I can’t find anything on what happened to him. Last I heard he turned state’s witness and helped get the others convicted. According to the Florida Department of Health, he still has his license: I’m not surprised. It’s apparently impossible to lose a medical license in Florida!

      The others – Christopher Switlyk, Luis Fernandez, Jr., Luis Fernandez, III, Marco Beltran, and Kimberly Curtis, are all in jail now: https://www.dea.gov/press-releases/2012/09/05/pharmacist-pleads-guilty-federal-drug-trafficking-and-money-laundering

  115. Ryan, it should not matter even if he did turn state’s witness. He is then pleading guilty to some drug-related charges in exchange for a less severe punishment. When that happens, the Florida Department of Health is required by law to issue an emergency suspension order for his license. If he pleads not guilty, they will not suspend his license unless he is convicted. That’s why I had heard that he had plead not guilty with a trial scheduled for January of this year. However, I hadn’t heard any more about it. Furthermore, I think it is ridiculous for the attorney general to offer deals to any of these doctors. Without doctors, these “clinics” cannot operate in their quasi-legal status and continue doing so with impunity. What makes it even worse for Heromin is that he did it in 2 counties. I think that they should go after doctors even harder than anyone else involved in this non-sense. They are really the only reason that this problem became as bad as it was and made a mess out of the state of Florida. In Heromin’s case, I really think charging him with murder and seeking the death penalty might even be appropriate.

  116. @Anonymous
    I agree. I’d love to see him in jail and to lose his license forever. I was just noting that the Florida Department of Health rarely takes licenses away, even from scumbags like Heromin.

  117. Very true. In order to be guaranteed to have your license taken away, you must be convicted of some drug related-crime, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, not paying one’s school loans, and a few other offenses either by pleading guilty or by being found guilty by a jury. It took them until 2/14/13 to suspend Christopher Switlyk’s pharmacist license even though he had been convicted back last September. The Department of Health has started to randomly audit the medical records of pain management clinics and discipline the license of the physician when he or she writes for narcotics without medical justification. If you look at Ramiro Abaunza’s license , you will see what I mean. He actually used to practice with Heromin at the Hope for Life Wellness Center in Miami before Heromin broke off and formed his own clinic. He was writing for even higher amounts of oxycodone/Xanax/Soma than Heromin. I guess the Department of Health figures that it’s wasting its time auditing Heromin’s old records since the DEA suspended his registration.

  118. It really is quite amazing that they don’t do something sooner to these doctors. They really should. Another example of a physician on trial right now for doing the same thing as Heromin was doing is Cynthia Cadet, and, yes, she still has her license also.

    Pharmacists depend on the Department of Health website for disciplinary news on physicians. The DEA seems to only put news up there when they have secured a conviction. You can’t even determine from their website if a physician such as Heromin has had his DEA registration suspended from looking at the website. Furthermore, these “prescriptions” are only worth the paper on which they are printed. Unfortunately, there are no shortage of shady pharmacies willing to fill these “prescriptions” for cash. Independent pharmacies in Florida are really struggling to survive and will do anything it takes to stay profitable. The older independent pharmacies, such as David’s Pharmacy on MLK, do not really have this problem. However, any independent pharmacy that has opened in the past 10 years (and not involved in compounding or specialty pharmacy) is filling these “prescriptions” just to stay afloat or, much like VIP Pharmacy, was knowingly opened for the purpose of filling these “prescriptions”. There are several right in your part of town, Ryan. You can always spot them just by watching the parking lot. They will frequently have cars with Kentucky, Tennessee, or Ohio plates. Real patients do not want to be around these addicts and drug dealers, so you will scarcely find any real patients from the area in the pharmacy. Consequently, their parking lot will usually be empty. They will always have a sign saying something to the effect of “We accept all major insurances”; however, they will not fill any oxycodone prescriptions on insurance. If you look at the profit margin with insurance on most all prescriptions, a retail pharmacy will have to fill about 115 prescriptions per day just to stay afloat. However, these independent pharmacies are only filling roughly 20-25 prescriptions per day. Obviously the vast majority of their revenues come from these cash narcotic sales. Here are some examples of the type of “pharmacies” that I mean.

    Careplus Pharmacy-701 W MLK
    Good Health Pharmacy-1911 W MLK
    Choice Pharmacy-5913 N Armenia
    Best Deal Rx Pharmacy-4160 N Armenia
    Hillsborough River Pharmacy-1706 W MLK
    Onestop Rx Pharmacy-4830 N Armenia
    Premier Pharmacy-4307 N Armenia
    The Drug Shoppe-4060 N Armenia

    That is just in your immediate area. There are others from that area that have now closed and moved elsewhere in the city. If you look at the ownership for most of this type of “pharmacy”, you will also notice another pattern…

  119. @Anonymous
    I’ve wondered about at least two of those since I never see any cars in their parking lots: Hillsborough River Pharmacy and The Drug Shoppe. I mean, really, I never see anyone in those pharmacies yet they seem to stay open. Your explanation makes sense.

  120. I believe it. Some of the other pharmacies on that list share their parking lot with other businesses, so, if you see cars in the lot, they may be there for the other businesses. The only reason that these pharmacies are not being investigated and shut down by the Board of Pharmacy or the DEA is that, compared to places like VIP Pharmacy, they are low level. They only sell roughly several thousand tablets of oxycodone each month (vs. hundreds of thousands at VIP) and are not generating nearly as much cash.

    The only way to prove that they are doing something illegal is to show that the pharmacist was knowingly filling prescriptions that were not issued for a legitimate medical purpose. The only way to show that is for the Board or the DEA to get a doctor to issue them a bunch of prescriptions for many different people for the same strength, directions, and quantity of oxycodone, Xanax, and Soma. The next step would be to have those different people come one-by-one or even by a carload to the targeted pharmacy and offer to pay cash for the prescriptions. If, after seeing a couple of those, the pharmacist continues to fill the prescriptions, he or she clearly should know that the prescriptions are not issued for legitimate medical purposes. Then they could bust the pharmacy. It’s a lot of effort, and, for pharmacies that are not operating at the level of VIP, the payoff for the Board or the DEA is minimal. Furthermore, they would have to repeat that process quite a few times as there are unfortunately a lot of these places.

    The only other way to get them shut down is by getting them sued by insurance companies. These “pharmacies” refuse to fill oxycodone prescriptions on insurance as they would not get the obscene amount of money that they charge per tablet to fill them at cash prices. However, they state that they accept most insurance plans. If you read the contract they sign with the insurance company, you will see that the pharmacy is not permitted to pick and choose which prescriptions to fill and not fill on insurance. If the owner feels that the pharmacy will lose money on a substantial number of prescriptions by signing up with a certain insurance provider, then he or she should not contract with that insurance provider. If enough patients with different insurance plans come in to fill oxycodone prescriptions and are turned away, then the insurance companies could file lawsuits against the pharmacy for breach of contract. Enough lawsuits would ultimately get them shut down financially. The only problem with that plan is that most all of the “patients” who go to these “pharmacies” are addicts/dealers that do not have insurance anyway.

    I had the misfortune of working as a pharmacist for one of the pharmacies on that list. The owner just stated that we only had to verify that the prescriptions were “legitimate” by calling the doctor’s office. After a short while, I noticed that all the prescriptions were exactly the same. I told the owner that I had no doubt that the “patients” did indeed go to that office, were issued these prescriptions by that office, and may have even seen the doctor whose signature appeared on the prescription. However, the facts that all of the prescriptions were the same (except for the patient name), that all the patients wanted to pay in cash, that they were clearly not from the Tampa Bay area, that they frequently arrived in the same car convinced me that none of these prescriptions were issued for legitimate medical purposes. Even though I needed the work and liked working at an independent pharmacy, I quit soon thereafter as what was going on was just abhorrent to real pharmacy practice and quite simply drug trafficking. Heromin was one of the top prescribing physicians for whom we filled prescriptions, and, interestingly enough, it was this blog that I found when Googling his name that clued me in to just how bad the problem had become. As many have pointed out before, you deserve a lot of credit for exposing this issue.

  121. You’re welcome. I wish I could get a larger audience. I have tried contacting Doug Smith as he appears to be the only reporter who cares all that much about this issue. He never returned any of my correspondence, but I figured that he probably gets lots of correspondence. Still I figured that this would be exactly the kind of investigative journalism that would be right up his alley. He could sit in the parking lot and show how nobody every came to these pharmacies. Then he could literally follow the money (a la Woodward and Bernstein) and show the large cash deposits that they made at local banks. Legitimate pharmacies get the vast majority of their deposits from checks (reimbursements from credit card companies, insurance companies, and personal). At a deeper level, he could look at the ownership of these “pharmacies” and show that the vast majority of them are owned by Nigerian pharmacists. I’m not suggesting that all Nigerian pharmacists are unethical, but, much like the involvement of Nigerians in fraudulent schemes (e.g. the Nigerian bank examiner), they seem to have a predisposition toward this sort of scheme. He could then interview the president of the Nigerian Pharmacists Association of Tampa Bay (yes, that is a real organization) and see what he or she has to say about this issue.

  122. @Anonymous
    That’s unfortunate Doug Smith hasn’t responded. You could try another TV station or even contacting a reporter with the Tampa Bay Times. If that doesn’t work, another option would be to write an op-ed in the Tampa Bay Times or Tampa Tribune. Since you want to remain anonymous, you may not want to write one. But I’d happily do so if you want to go that route. I’ve had a couple of op-ed published in the Tampa Bay Tribune.

  123. Since I do not work for independent pharmacies anymore, I would be willing to pen an op-ed and even sign my name to it. I will try to work on a draft of that this weekend. I tend to be a bit verbose. Since you appear to be more succinct, maybe you could look at my draft after I have written it. Is the email address you gave in the above thread still correct?

      1. Did you know that Louis Fernandez III has a wife that works at Tampa General? He also has ties to Lenin Perez the workman’s compensation defraduer?

  124. Unfortunately he was only found guilty of conspiracy to distribute and dispense oxycodone and alprazolam not for legitimate medical purposes. He really should be convicted of accessory to murder.

    1. I know of at least 3. They filled prescriptions at the “pharmacy” where I had the misfortune of working. Our pharmacy filled the last prescriptions that they had, and those prescriptions came from Heromin. One was from his office at the Tampa Bay Wellness Center. Another was when he was practicing with Ramiro Abaunza at the Hope for Life Wellness Center in Miami. The third was his final practice before being arrested 2.5 years ago at St. Mary’s Medical Institute in Hialeah. Yes, he should be charged with accessory to murder.

      1. My brother died because of the overprescribing from this piece of crap that should never be called a physician again. You dont give a healthy, 30 year old male with no medical findings 545 pills in one day without knowing full out that you are putting those pills in the hands of addicts and on the streets. I hope Heromin never see’s the light of day again. And yes, he should be charged with murder, I agree.

  125. Yes, I agree he should be charged with accessory to murder. My brother died from the pills he prescribed. He deserves to rot for putting over half a million pills on the streets the way he did. He knew he was rx’ing to addicts and dealers. Hell, he was a dealer discuised as a dr.

    1. He could only be charged with the charges presented before us. We had no knowledge of patient deaths during the trial.

    2. My heart goes out to you and your family. We could only convict on the charges presented before us. We had no idea of any deaths due to his actions during the trial. Hopefully since he was convicted on these charges they can now pursue on accessory to murder, etc. charges.My guess is now that I know of these deaths, they would first have to find him guilty of the above charges in order to pursue and successfully convict him of murder charges. God Bless your family.

      1. Thank you for your condolences and for serving as a juror on this mans trial. He was sentenced to 20 years today.

  126. Google “Florida Medical license lookup” and enter his name. He still has an active license to practice medicine as of today’s date July 31

  127. Just to point out how slow the Florida Department of Health is to take action against its licensees, it took them until February 17th of this year to finally revoke Heromin’s Florida medical license. Good grief.

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