We had some cans of Sprite left over from Toren’s birthday party.  I didn’t think too much about simply leaving them out on the floor as we hadn’t decided what to do with them yet.  Over the last couple of days, Toren found the box, pulled out a few cans, and has spent a little bit of time playing with them.  Debi and I both agreed that it wasn’t really a big deal if he played with the cans. But we also figured he was probably going to drop one of the cans on our tile floor and there was a good chance it would break open.  Despite the possibility of a leaking can, we’ve both been too tired lately to think of it as a major cause of concern – a little Sprite on a tile floor won’t ruin our day.

You can probably guess where this is going…

I was cooking dinner last night when Toren walked into  the kitchen from the dining area carrying a can of Sprite (the box of Sprite was on the floor in the dining room).  That same thought went through my head, “What happens when he drops the can?”  Well, he didn’t drop it when he walked into the kitchen…  So, I turned my attention back to dinner.  A few minutes went by…

SMACK!  FIZZ!  Sprite spraying all over the kitchen!!!

Toren, terrified, started screaming.  He had dropped the can right in front of the fridge to reach for a magnet.  The can broke open and began to fizz everywhere.  The sound and sudden wetness were too much for him.  The poor kid must have thought the world was about to end.  I scooped him up, out of the fizzing Sprite.  He was dripping with Sprite and covered me in Sprite.  Um, yeah, not a major cause of concern, but also probably not worth letting him play with cans of soda.

So, just in case you were wondering if a can of carbonated soda makes for a good toy for a 1 year-old, the answer is “No.”

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