So I mentioned that we’re well on our way to getting our money’s worth out of the annual zoo pass we bought.  During one of those visits, the staff at the zoo was handing out rub on tattoos.  Here’s Toren showing off his tat’:

Hardcore, huh?

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One Reply to “Toren’s picked up body modding”

  1. I bet he’ll regret that one when he’s looking for a girlfriend. “Hey, what’s up Suga? I have a tat on my belly of a cartoon ant eating some kind of bubble plant? Wanna grab a drink sometime?” Awesome pick up line. Like when Josh’s mission companion wrote me a few letters until I ceased communication after he told me he had a tat of a trout on his arm. A trout, seriously? At least get a rainbow fish or something, right? Anyway, he looks cute, just don’t let him commit to that specific tat yet, eh?
    p.s. Mario said I need to include that Toren suddenly had a tough Philly accent when I read it out loud to him.

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