So I mentioned that we’re well on our way to getting our money’s worth out of the annual zoo pass we bought. ┬áDuring one of those visits, the staff at the zoo was handing out rub on tattoos. ┬áHere’s Toren showing off his tat’:

Hardcore, huh?

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One Reply to “Toren’s picked up body modding”

  1. I bet he’ll regret that one when he’s looking for a girlfriend. “Hey, what’s up Suga? I have a tat on my belly of a cartoon ant eating some kind of bubble plant? Wanna grab a drink sometime?” Awesome pick up line. Like when Josh’s mission companion wrote me a few letters until I ceased communication after he told me he had a tat of a trout on his arm. A trout, seriously? At least get a rainbow fish or something, right? Anyway, he looks cute, just don’t let him commit to that specific tat yet, eh?
    p.s. Mario said I need to include that Toren suddenly had a tough Philly accent when I read it out loud to him.

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