When I picked Toren up from daycare on Thursday the teacher pulled me aside for a second to explain something that had happened that day.  Toren was acting fine, but the teacher said that he had some dirt in his eye and they hadn’t tried to get it out because they didn’t want to scratch his eye and he wasn’t complaining about it.  I looked into his eye and, sure enough, there was a big chunk of something brown in the corner that seemed pretty wedged in there.  According to the teacher, Toren was out on the playground earlier in the day, grabbed a handful of dirt, and rubbed it all over his head, then into his eye.  Having seen Toren doing similar stuff, I don’t doubt her account for a second.  But I’m baffled by why he does this stuff!  I also looked closer at his scalp and he still had some specks of dirt ground into his head.  Bizarre!

Anyway, I took him out of the daycare and got him into his car seat.  With him strapped in, I figured I could probably get the dirt out.  I told him to look up and to his right so the dirt was exposed then swiped it with my finger and it came right out.  It was basically just a bit of mud and probably didn’t scratch his eye at all.  But I’m still wondering why he would rub that into his eye!

As a general update, Toren just had his 15 month check up (about 2 weeks late).  I wasn’t able to go, but Debi said his height is in the 75th percentile and his weight is in the 50th.  He’s a little slow on talking, though.  We’ve heard him say probably a dozen words (e.g., mama, dada, outside, bird, dog, Ethan, ball, etc.), but he doesn’t use them very consistently.  He still babbles, but he won’t talk on command, generally.  He does understand most of what we say to him though.  He’s now running, not just walking, and his increased mobility means he’s headed into the constant bruises stage – his legs are generally covered in bruises from him bumping into stuff.  We also had our first real fall – Toren rolled off the bed one morning onto his head (on our tile floor).  It left a good bruise, but he was fine otherwise.

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