I had talked about going snowmobiling with my brother Danny before heading out to Utah but we hadn’t finalized plans.  Even so, it did work out and he took me up to Monte Cristo early on Saturday where we went snowmobiling for about 3 hours on Danny’s amazing snowmobiles.  He has two: a Ski-Doo 1000 and a Ski-Doo 800. They are amazing machines!  It was a ball and I only got the 1000 stuck once (after which I switched to the 800 and tried to hold on).  Afterward we went to Chris’s in Hunstville for burgers and chatted.  It was a blast and very informative as well.  Here’s a clip of Danny jumping the 1000:

I went up the same hill and jumped several times (much higher and further, of course), but we didn’t get it on film!  😉

By the time we got back, I was already feeling sore – I had no idea how tough it is to ride a snowmobile.  Anyway, that afternoon was the Cragun Family Christmas party, which involved everyone who was around coming to my parents for a massive gift exchange and white elephant gift exchange, along with games and foot.  Who was there: My parents (2), Troy and his two kids (3), Mike and Kristeen and their four kids (6), Tammy and Don and their four kids (6), Danny and Colleen and their four kids (6), Hillary and her three kids (4), Debi, Toren, and I (3), and Josh and Jessica and Addie (3).  The total: 33 people.  Which equals chaos.  It was fun, but a bit too much for Toren (and me), at least until things wound down and just the adults sat around talking about our childhoods.  I learned that Troy and Mike have PTSD from Danny tormenting them, which I never would have guessed.  I also realized just how crazy our family is (we’ve done some pretty wild things), at least compared to Debi’s and Colleen’s.

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