So, er, um… Occasionally, when I hug Debi, particularly when I hug her in front of Toren, I’ll grab her bum.  Yep, that’s right.  I do.  I’m not embarrassed to admit it!

And sometimes I’ll even give her bum a nice little love tap.  Yep, you know you’re jealous!

I gave Debi one of my little “love taps” the other day while hugging her in front of Toren and he said, in his cute, almost 2-year-old voice, “Gain,” which means “Do it again.”  Ever accommodating of my son’s wishes, I did it again.  He then said, “gain” three or four more times.  I, happily complied and Toren laughed after each “love tap.”

After Debi and I stopped hugging, Toren asked Debi to pick him up (he says, “up” while squatting down – it’s pretty funny).  After she picked him up he leaned over to the side, reached around her back, and gave her a couple of “love taps” of his own.

Who is a proud father?!?  I’m a proud father!!!

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