We haven’t started trying to potty train Toren as he hasn’t shown all that much interest in it.  But it does seem like he can tell at this point when he needs to mictorate or defecate, and it seems like he can control.  However, he gives no warning as to when he’s going to do it (sometimes he’ll hide), but he does occasionally do it for show.

For instance, the other night Debi was getting ready to take a bath with him.  Toren had already gotten in the tub.  While sitting down, he proceeded to create a beautiful little yellow arch of urine into the water, smiling the whole time. He then stood up and grabbed Debi’s hand in an effort to get her to join in him the tub.

Apparently a distaste for bathing in one’s own urine is not a trait that has been selected for by evolution… 😐

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