Curse you, Burger King, for sending us coupons!

We’re big fans of coupons and Discover cashback gift cards.  We rarely go out to eat except with a coupon (either a Groupon or other coupon) or with a gift card we got through Discover, so we aren’t really paying for the food.  We went to Burger King one night with coupons, and one of the employees was so enamored with Toren that she gave him an ice cream cone for free.  So, Toren started his dinner with ice cream:

Before the employee gave him the ice cream, Debi had already ordered a vanilla shake.  So, Toren got some shake for dessert, too:

His actual dinner – two chicken nuggets…  Health dinner fail. 🙁

Not being particularly attractive myself, I find it amazing how people treat someone who is attractive.  Granted, I’m biased in thinking that Toren is cute, but his blond hair and bluish-hazel eyes, as well as his flirting with women and his desire to do everything and help (I usually let him swipe my credit card or hand the tellers cash) result in female employees in most stores gushing over him.  If he retains his good looks, it will be fascinating to see how that translates into preferential treatment.

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