In our ongoing battle against ants, we found a few in the bathroom today.  Toren saw them all together and asked Debi what they were doing.  Debi said she didn’t know.  Then Toren suggested a possibility, “Maybe they’re talking.”

Or, in comic form:

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  1. Dear RcRagun

    Please pardon me for being off topic, but I was looking for information on U.S. voter turnout by income, and came upon your very nice graph of the US Presidential 2008 on Wikimedia.

    Am I right in thinking that each percentage in the graph is calculated from a denominator comprised of the number of registered voters in the particular income category, while the numerator is the number actually voting ?

    Or is the denominator within each income group the number of U.S. citizens of voting age ?

    I would much appreciate info on this question.


    Bob Lightbourne

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